10 Best Double Agents In The Walking Dead, Ranked


As The Walking Dead soon ends its 12-year run on November 20, 2022, the series started out as a straight-up zombie horror story before becoming more nuanced, with human villains and anti-heroes added into the mix. This meant that a lot of characters acted as spies and double agents to rattle the opposing factions.

These characters include protagonists like Daryl, who put on a deceptive demeanor to aid the heroes, along with antagonists like Dante, who fooled both the characters and viewers into trusting them before revealing their true loyalties. With the show nearing its conclusion, some characters effectively played the inside-man role the best, leaving some people questioning their real intentions.


Milton Mamet Decided To Defy The Governor

There’s no doubt that The Governor had some of the evilest villainous plans in The Walking Dead, which Milton saw all too late. He turned coat right by the end when he revealed to Andrea that The Governor planned to kill all of her friends at the prison rather than just Michonne before putting on the act of still being his ally.

Milton’s double agent status didn’t last too long, though, as The Governor saw through his ruse and captured both Milton and Andrea. Milton would have been a great double agent had he defied The Governor earlier, but he did do a fair job by redeeming himself before being killed off.

Gregory Tried To Play Both Sides

Gregory was one of the low-key villains in The Walking Dead since the main focus was on the conflict between Negan and Rick. However, his double agent work nearly turned the tide in the Saviors’ way. Gregory put on the act of remaining the Hilltop’s leader to serve its community, only to collude with Simon by passing him information about the Militia.

Gregory might have done better as a double agent had he not tried to play both sides, as he also attempted to turn on the Saviors by giving Rick’s group intel into hunting Negan’s faction. Gregory’s usefulness ended when Rick and company realized how duplicitous he was, which made Simon kick him out for failing him.

Carol Peletier Put On An Act To Infiltrate Alexandria

Carol wasn’t the traditional double agent, in that the Alexandrians she was around didn’t have any ill intentions. Regardless, Carol and Rick’s group felt that the Alexandrians weren’t to be trusted, and she was tasked with putting on the act of a well-to-do woman who was as naive as the Alexandrians were to understand their motives.

Carol did a good job overall by finding all the community’s secrets, but she was caught by Sam Anderson. Although Carol scared him off, it later led to Sam’s death when Carol’s threats about walkers got to him. Moreover, Carol didn’t have much to worry about since the Alexandrians really were helpless and weak.

Gamma Turned On Alpha Due To Her Brutal Ways

Gamma became an informant to Alexandria against the Whisperers after she learned that Alpha hadn’t killed Lydia. Since Gamma had to abandon her nephew under Alpha’s orders, this hypocrisy led to her abandoning her loyalties to her leader.

Gamma proved useful when she relayed the information about the Whisperers’ use of caves to act as their stronghold. Alpha’s cunning nature meant that she eventually deduced Gamma’s deception, which cut short her status as a double agent. But Gamma’s intel did help the heroes in finding a way around avoiding Alpha’s horde of walkers.

Eugene Porter Turned Coat Late In The Game

Eugene’s double agent status was unclear right until he proved he was still loyal to the Militia. Eugene initially converted into a Savior after Negan decided to use his intelligence to the Saviors’ benefit before he started having second thoughts.

Eugene regained his loyalty to the Militia after being confronted by the likes of Sasha and Rosita for betraying their trust. He ultimately tampered with the guns he made for the Saviors, which left them at the mercy of the Militia and effectively ended the war. Although he was the defining factor, Eugene’s late realization takes away from his mettle as a double agent.

Jadis Was An Agent For Multiple People

Jadis was a mole for multiple people, fooling different camps even at the same time. She started out as a double agent for Negan when she betrayed Rick’s group after initially pledging the Scangers’ loyalty to him. Jadis then turned on Negan when she thought Rick had a better deal.

Her double agent work reaped benefits for both sides, such as when Negan had Rick caught when Jadis captured him; the same happened when Negan briefly disappeared after Jadis captured him. However, Jadis’ hubris meant she was caught by both sides and had to thank Rick’s benevolence for letting her live.

Daryl Dixon Remained Loyal To His Friends Against The Reapers

Daryl was set up to have abandoned his friends when he learned that his former lover Leah was aligned with the Reapers. Daryl made it appear as if he had shifted to the Reapers himself, supplying them with some information to prove that he was with them now.

But Daryl eventually came around to staying loyal to his friends when he chose Maggie over Leah, which eventually brought an end to the Reapers. Daryl was a very capable double agent since he contributed to the antagonistic group’s downfall. Within the story, Daryl played his part well, but few viewers would have been convinced that he really had betrayed his friends.

Dwight Colluded With The Heroes To Get Back At Negan

Dwight proved critical to the Militia’s success in the war by passing them knowledge of the Saviors’ plans and outposts that the heroes could attack. Dwight kept the charade of being loyal to Negan alive for quite some time, during which he was able to tip the Alexandrians off about the Saviors’ attacks.

Dwight briefly acted as a double agent for Negan against Simon as well, as the latter met his demise due to Dwight’s deception. He was ultimately caught by Negan when Dwight’s excuses ran out, but Dwight had already dealt heavy damage by preventing Negan from winning the war as the Militia’s inside man.

Dante Nearly Gave Alpha The Victory

Dante’s deception is one of most jaw-dropping betrayals in The Walking Dead since no one saw it coming. Having functioned as a well-meaning doctor at Alexandria, Dante was revealed to be Alpha’s spy, who stirred paranoia in the community by sabotaging them from within.

Dante’s inside-man status enabled him to gain the Alexandrians’ favor while digging up a tunnel that allowed Alpha entry into the community. He even polluted the drinking water to cripple Alexandria’s residents, all the while pretending to be one of them. He would have been absolutely perfect as a double agent had Dante not given himself away in the end, which also led to his demise.

Negan Smith Destroyed The Whisperers Single-Handedly

Negan is largely considered to be the best villain in The Walking Dead’s history, but he was also instrumental to the heroes’ victory against the Whisperers. Negan was tasked with Carol to act as a double agent by winning Alpha’s trust to assassinate her.

Negan managed to become Alpha’s lover, slay her, and caused the Whisperers to scatter after their leader was unceremoniously eliminated. Negan’s actions rattled Beta into losing his senses, causing him to kill off his own people. Ultimately, Negan’s work as a double agent destroyed the Whisperers, beating Alpha at her own game.

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