10 Best TV Medical Dramas of All Time


A staple of primetime television over the years has become the medical drama (ER, Grey’s Anatomy, St. Elsewhere, New Amsterdam, to name a few). By following the doctors not only as they treat patients on the job — there’s no shortage of medical cases that can come wheeling into an ER or rushed to the OR — but also as they try to sort out their personal lives off it, these shows have plenty of real estate to cover for years.

But as always, in every genre, there are some that stand out ahead of the rest (whether they’ve won Emmys or not). Below, we take a look at the 10 best medical dramas of all time — and half of them are still airing new episodes! Given our love for the ’90s, our number 1 pick shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. (Note: We’ve only included full-on dramas, so there are no comedies or dramedies — sorry, Scrubs and Nurse Jackie.)


Chicago Hope


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