10 Characters Redditors Would Bring Back To The Show, In A Heartbeat


Shonda Rhimes recently explained that she doesn’t know how Grey’s Anatomy will end. According to People, the hospital drama’s creator said, “I’ve had 15 different endings for this show, and the show just keeps going.” This definitely makes sense as many characters are now gone from the hospital drama, whether they move away with the love of their life, get a fantastic new job, or in tragic cases, pass away after an accident.


Redditors enjoy discussing which Grey’s Anatomy characters should return to the TV series, from Meredith’s brilliant best friend to the sweetest doctor who has a heartbreaking end to his arc and a couple who die from injuries after a dramatic plane crash.

Addison Montgomery

Addison Montgomery at the hospital in scrubs on Grey's Anatomy

Addison Montgomery’s shameless Grey’s Anatomy actions are balanced out by the compassion that she shows her patients and the other doctors. While Addison and Meredith are never going to get along thanks to their difficult history, Redditor hannxh_ misses Addison and likes a close relationship that she develops with another character. The fan wrote, “I need Addison and Amelia’s friendship back.”

It’s refreshing and logical that Addison bonds with Amelia Shepherd, who was once her sister-in-law, as the two are honest, sometimes brash, and irreplaceable when it comes to their work at the hospital.

Callie Torres

Callie smiling on Grey's Anatomy

Callie Torres and Arizona Robbins have a wonderful relationship that is cut short when they start having problems, fight so much that they can’t stay together, and fight over their daughter Sofia. Redditor shipsongreyseas would like to see Callie again, writing “Her ending felt unsatisfying and kinda pointless.” The fan mentioned Arizona and Callie’s battle for custody, which is frustrating.

Callie trades Seattle for New York City with her partner Penny Blake, but this relationship doesn’t last and the show suggests Callie and Arizona’s reunion. It would be great to see Callie back at the hospital as she is incredibly talented.

Stephanie Edwards

Stephanie Edwards at the hospital on Grey's Anatomy

For Redditor EpicGlitter, “Stephanie Edwards” is a character who should come back, and her intelligence, vulnerability and compassion are definitely missed on the show. Stephanie has a compelling send-off as she wants to travel and do something other than spend all of her days in a hospital, since a childhood sickness robbed her of a lot of time.

While Stephanie has a better, more clear-cut and exciting ending than many characters, Stephanie is such a kind character that it would be nice to see what she would be like as a doctor after these experiences.

Mark Sloan

Mark Sloan looking serious on Grey's Anatomy

Redditor evelinacdj said “Mark” would be a great cast member to return to the series. When Mark and Lexie Grey pass away, these are two of the most heartbreaking Grey’s Anatomy deaths, and Mark has become such a caring person up until this point that it’s awful to think about his potential.

If fans could make it so a few characters didn’t die, Mark and Lexie would be at the top of their list. It would be great to see Mark continue on his surgical path and see how he and Lexie develop as a couple as they get older.

Cristina Yang

Meredith Grey and Cristina Yang in Grey's Anatomy

Redditor cstaal said “Cristina” Yang should come back, and this is definitely something that several fans want. While Cristina gets an incredible career opportunity and moves to Switzerland to run a hospital, and this is exactly what viewers wish for her, it’s still tough to watch Meredith move on without this special friendship.

Viewers would love for Cristina to return for even one episode, as it would be nice to catch up with this character and hear about her new life. Cristina is so brilliant and strong that her place on the series will never be forgotten.

George O’Malley

George O'Malley looking serious in Grey's Anatomy

George O’Malley is another character whose time is sadly cut short. Redditor mearbearcate said “He could’ve grown&developed into such an amazing trauma surgeon, we should’ve got to see more of it.”

If George lived, it’s easy to imagine him becoming more mature, learning from mistakes that he has made, and growing closer to some characters other than Meredith and Izzie Stevens. George would likely be promoted several times and wind up in a high position that allows him to use his caring personality for good.

Lexie Grey

Lexie Grey looking to her right in Grey's Anatomy

The Grey’s Anatomy episodes about Lexie and Mark are some of the sweetest as they understand each other really well and have a realistic bond. It’s terrible that they both die after a plane crash. Redditor RogueDIL wants Lexie to return, writing, “She would have been interesting as Meredith lost Derek, grew closer to Amelia and found out about Maggie.”

Viewers do get to see Lexie and Meredith’s connection deepen, but it would definitely be dramatic and tense to see Lexie share Meredith with two other sisters. As is the case on the show, the four characters would likely become a heartwarming, close unit.

Derek Shepherd

Derek Shepherd looking to the side in Grey's Anatomy

For Redditor ProfessionalFun2614, when it comes to past characters coming back, they would love to see “Derek Shepherd without a doubt!” Derek’s death marks a big shift, as he and Meredith build a life together that includes family, career fights, disappointment, and a lot of emotion. After, Meredith is left wondering if another love is possible.

If Derek never passed away, he and Meredith would likely have a more serious conversation about where their lives will go and how they will deal with both of them wanting to work a lot. It would be compelling to see the next phase of their relationship.

Alex Karev

Alex Karev wearing a suit and smiling on Grey's Anatomy

Redditor FactorNo7477 mentioned Alex Karev as a character who should still be on the series, writing that he “Would be a great candidate for Chief of Surgery.” Alex is thought of as someone who learns how to show his soft side over time as he realizes that it’s okay to care about other people and not worry so much about what people think of him.

There are other ways Alex could have left Grey’s Anatomy, as fans don’t like that he breaks up with Jo Wilson and moves to live with Izzie and their kids. It would be more satisfying if Alex had never left in the first place and if he and Meredith could continue their close friendship as they work hard and make their dreams come true every day.

April Kepner

An image of April Kepner in Grey's Anatomy. She is seen to be wearing dark blue scrubs and a white lab coat. She is also seen sitting at a table reading some paperwork

April Kepner leaves in season 14 and fans have learned that she and Jackson Avery reunite. Redditor Happyhippie214 would love for April to return, writing, “she had so much depth to her character and growth.”

From exploring her spiritual beliefs to becoming a mother, April becomes mature and figures out what she wants from a romantic relationship. Now that April has been living in Boston, it would be cool for her to visit Seattle and appear even in just a few episodes, showcasing the more mature and happy person that she is now.

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