10 Coronation Street spoilers for next week


Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Next week’s Coronation Street will see Hope plan a tribute to John Stape, while Sam visits Harvey in prison.

Meanwhile, Ken receives a blast from the past.

Here’s a look at 10 big moments hitting your screens.

1. Hope continues to cash in on John’s crimes

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Tyrone receives a shock when he opens the outhouse to discover that the stash of books about John have disappeared.

He decides to confront Hope, who makes out that she found the books and threw them in the bin. However, Hope later confides to Sam that she has made £75 from selling them.

2. Hope plans a tribute to her dad

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Hope intends to further capitalise on her dad’s infamy by joining a group chat entitled ‘Legacy of Evil’ and reveals that she’s planning a special tribute to her dad in school the following day.

Later, Hope hides her cash tin in a cupboard at home and steals a hammer from Tyrone’s toolbox.

The next day, Hope approaches a couple of popular Year 11 girls and invites them to a special reading of her dad’s book.

3. Fiz and Tyrone make a worrying discovery

hope, fiz stape, tyrone dobbs, coronation street


The publication of the book causes further drama when Beth shows Sally the chapter in the book about John’s affair with Rosie. When Fiz catches Sally reading the chapter, she’s furious.

However, Fiz has bigger concerns when she and Tyrone find Hope’s cash tin and realise that a hammer is missing from Tyrone’s toolbox.

Meanwhile, Hope overhears the two Year 11 girls making fun of her. She pulls the hammer from her bag and approaches them. Is Hope about to take her obsession with John too far?

4. Sam visits Harvey in prison

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Nick and Sam meet with Karis, the facilitator, ahead of Sam’s meeting with Harvey. In the prison visiting room, Sam questions Harvey and forces Harvey to admit that he intended to kill Leanne.

When Harvey mentions that his mum died when he was 14, Sam suggests that it caused him to go off the rails and interrogates him further.

Frustrated by Sam’s awkward questions about his mum, Harvey storms out.

5. Harvey wants another meeting with Sam

harvey, coronation street


It’s clear that Sam’s line of questioning has left Harvey rattled, but when he looks at Sam’s most recent letter, he begins to read the questions.

Later, Nick receives a call from Karis, who reveals that Harvey wants to see Sam again tomorrow.

6. Mary refuses Ken’s acting advice

dev glenda, mary taylor, coronation street


With play rehearsals under way, Mary’s acting choices raise eyebrows from everyone in attendance.

Nigel reveals to Ken that he plans to approach a friend, who is an actress, and suggests that she might replace Mary.

To keep Mary in the role, Ken, Brian, and Wendy advise Mary to tone down her performance but she won’t hear of it.

7. Ken is shocked to be reunited with Martha

martha, coronation street


With Mary determined to play the role her way, Ken and Brian try to persuade Nigel that his actress friend could give Mary some coaching, rather than replace her.

Later, Ken receives a shock when Nigel introduces his actress friend – and it’s Ken’s ex, Martha. How will Ken react?

8. Griff’s latest actions rile Maria

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With Griff’s racist agenda now common knowledge, he wastes no time in spreading more hate by revealing to Ollie, David and Spider that Maria is planning to turn the community centre into a place for refugees.

When Maria discovers Griff and Spider handing out leaflets claiming that refugees will be taking over the community centre at the expense of local people, she’s furious.

9. Yasmeen worries that Stu is trying too hard

stu carpenter, eliza yasmeen, coronation street


When Stu frets about trying to get Eliza to school on time, he’s put out to learn that Yasmeen and Alya already have things under control, having plaited her hair and made breakfast.

Yasmeen is given cause for concern when Stu pins a timetable of Eliza’s hobbies to the kitchen cupboard door. Stu announces that she’s not going to miss out on anything as she has already had enough upheaval.

10. Leanne tries to stop Debbie’s sale

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Having decided to sell the Bistro to fix her financial troubles, Debbie shows a potential buyer around.

With Nick and Leanne unable to afford to buy out Debbie’s share of the Bistro, Leanne does her best to sabotage the sale.

When Debbie uncovers Leanne’s plan, she threatens Nick and Leanne by telling them she’ll force the sale of the whole Bistro.

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV and streams on the ITV Hub.

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