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Amelia Sheppard has returned to Grey’s Anatomy for the show’s 19th season, which is currently airing new episodes on ABC on Thursday nights. The character has experienced ups and downs, from losing her brother to overcoming her addiction, and fans have connected with Amelia through all of her storylines.

Amelia is one of the show’s more popular and relatable characters, but a small group of the show’s fans on Reddit doesn’t always have favorable opinions about the character. Some of these opinions don’t resonate with long-time watchers and spark heated debates about what direction the writers should take her in.


Amelia’s Surgery

Derek with Amelia Shepherd at the hospital in Greys Anatomy

Heroic surgeries are a dime a dozen on Grey’s Anatomy, so when both Sheppards were faced with surgeries that were considered high-risk, they were bound to be compared. Redditor jaggedjudgment said, “Amelia’s ‘impossible’ surgery on Herman was more inspiring and emotional than Derick’s ‘impossible’ surgery on Isaac.”

While both surgeries have been praised for their outcome and drama, Derek’s patient was better received by audiences and was seen as more sympathetic than Amelia’s. The way the case was presented to Derek also had an impact since it showed a high level of trust between colleagues and how Issac saw Derek as a savior.

Amelia and Link with their baby in Grey's Anatomy

Many fans wanted to see Link and Amelia together and see Link’s proposal as the worst thing to happen to their relationship since it led to their final breakup. Still, a small group of fans sees Amelia’s choice to say no as the best-case scenario. Redditor Ok-Pop3069 said Amelia was right to say no to Link’s proposal. They explained, “If she said yes, one of two things would happen. 1: Amelia would say yes, and they get married and start becoming really toxic towards each other, or 2: she says yes and ends up leaving him at the altar. Either way, people would’ve gotten hurt in the process, especially Link.”

Most fans don’t see this as how the relationship would end since they already have a child, and the show would have them be a happy family. With this opinion being unpopular, it highlights how romantic the fan base is and how they enjoy the happy ending storyline over the unhappy but practical ending.

Amelia and Kai

Amelia and Kai lay on the couch together

Amelia’s relationship with Kai seemed like Amelia may have finally found her love match, but long-time fans still weren’t sold on the relationship as it seemed the pair weren’t on the same page. Reddit user wildflowermural said, “I love Amelia and Kai. First of all, I’m here for any queer representation we can get. And Amelia is my favorite character, and I love this journey for her. I always thought she was queer, but I’m glad it’s like confirmed now. Before, I feel like viewers could interpret her comments as joking, but not anymore.”

While the relationship showcased a new side of Amelia, fans were quick to see how this relationship was another case of Amelia falling for someone who didn’t want the same things she wanted and wasn’t willing to compromise, just like with Link.

Derek’s Death

Derek lays in hospital bed, Meredith keeps her hand on his shoulder

Derek Sheppard’s episodes are some of the most important Grey’s Anatomy lore, and his death was undoubtedly heart-wrenching on the show. Watching Meredith deciding to remove him from life support had fans in shambles. Still, fans were even more upset that she didn’t call Amelia before she made the choice. But Redditor blankpaper_ said, “Meredith not calling Amelia before unplugging Derek was understandable, and she gets too much hate for it.”

This opinion became unpopular because there is episodic evidence that Meredith denied Derek his dying wish with her actions. At one point, Derek says he wants his sisters around him if he is in a coma, which he was, but Meredith doesn’t call his family to have them around. Even though the choice came down to her, fans still felt it was wrong of her not to contact his family.

Amelia and Link outside the hospital on Grey's Anatomy

Given the outcome of their relationship, Redditors are theorizing season 19’s best storyline will be a single Amelia since she has experienced so much heartbreak, even though they love seeing her with Link, except A now-deleted Redditor, who said, “I don’t think there is anything special about them, and they are overrated.”

This relationship resonates with fans since the characters are so open about their needs and take on the other’s past with no hesitation, which isn’t something the show often does. In most cases, the character’s past is used against them, as Owen did with Amelia when he used her past addiction to shame her current actions, but Link didn’t do this. Some fans still hope the pair will reconcile to raise Scout as husband and wife.

Owen Is Her Best Partner

Owen and Amelia talking at the hospital on Grey's Anatomy

Fans of Grey’s Anatomy have a complicated relationship with Owen, especially regarding his relationships. Amelia and Owen were a pairing that most fans were not happy about, except Redditor brain_fried_over_med said, who said, “Owen and Amelia were definitely problematic, but Owen is the only guy Amelia has been with that is just as screwed up as she is.”

This couple isn’t liked because the characters are too similar to each other, and for the time they were developing a relationship, it was clear they wanted different things and were too stubborn to find a compromise. Ultimately fans think they work better as friends since Amelia can be honest with Owen about things, like when she called him out for holding a grudge against Teddy.

She’s Underrated As a Character On The Show

amelia sheperd grey's anatomy

Much of Amelia’s character was established on the Grey’s spin-off Private Practice, which impacted her character’s reception on the main show. While a good deal of viewers like her, the reception Amelia receives from Redditors is not favorable, but Redditor SpiralSour said, “Amelia has her flaws, but all in all, I think she’s a good character. She really shines, especially in arches where she’s tackling a big case and overcomes her self-doubt.”

The lack of Amelia’s backstory being tied into the show has made the character seem less important than she is, making most viewers who discuss online dislike her and her actions and liking her unpopular opinion.

She Is A Scapegoat

Mark Sloan and Amelia Shepherd embracing and smiling in the hospital hallway in Grey's Anatomy

On the side of Reddit that doesn’t like Amelia, she is often accused of making her problems everyone else’s before she leaves them because she has changed her mind about them and leaves the relationship. However, Redditor Mawaruu contended this, saying, “everyone fails to see that these characters are all the same way-waltzing into everyone else’s life and trauma dumping… but it’s Amelia who’s the scapegoat. The raunchiness of the characters not getting a therapist is realistic, and the show would be nothing if everyone was all mentally-well…”

Amelia getting hate online shows that some characters bear the brunt of a particular season’s writing style. While the other characters are at fault for sharing their traumas frequently, Amelia has been written as someone who leaves one relationship and gets into another immediately. This has created a cycle for the character that fans are no longer looking to see continue.

Her Character Makes People Stop Watching

Amelia and Owen on Grey's Anatomy

Even the worst character’s haven’t driven fans away from Grey’s Anatomy, which is part of why the show is still running after 19 seasons. But Redditor Norodia said, “I stopped watching two years ago because of her; now I only watch the old episodes again and again.”

Fans have dedicated too much time to GA to give up on the show now, and season 15 was one of the best seasons for Amelia’s character, which made fans understand her character more. This opinion was largely unpopular because there are so many upsides to the show for fans, even if one character is bringing their viewing experience down.

She Says ‘Gaslight’ Too Much

An image of Derek and Amelia talking to each in Grey's Anatomy

Actors don’t get to choose their lines, which most viewers recognize when they disagree with a show’s dialogue, but that hasn’t stopped Redditors from sharing how much they dislike certain lines. Regarding Amelia, Redditor celestialhercules said, “It’s like she learned the word ‘gaslight’ and decided to use it in every argument.”

The word gaslight has become popular vernacular for many people, even if it is misused, which is the main argument here. However, using the term isn’t the character’s fault but falls on the writers, who fans have expressed frustration with recently.

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