10 Unpopular Opinions About Jackson & April’s Relationship (According To Reddit)


Though fans will be disappointed to learn that only Williams is currently confirmed to guest star in an upcoming episode of Grey’s Anatomy on November 3rd, that doesn’t mean the door is closed for another Japril reunion.

April and Jackson were a very polarizing couple on the show, receiving lots of love or lots of hate. Both of them were interesting characters, especially April who was very complex when dealing with feelings regarding her faith. But despite the chemistry between the two, some fans didn’t buy what they were selling.


April Abandoned Him

Jackson and April Talk in Grey's Anatomy

After they lost Samuel she bolted again and left him alone in his grief, only thinking about herself,” said Reddit user Scream-Queen-Regent. Despite this comment receiving few upvotes, it does seem to be quite a popular opinion among the unpopular ones.

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Fans mostly agree that what April did was wrong, and she shouldn’t have just packed up and left, but instead tried to heal alongside her husband. It also seemed as if she disregarded his own grief regarding the death of their son.

Jackson Falling For April Is Unrealistic

Jackson and April sharing a moment in Grey's Anatomy

“I find it so unrealistic that Jackson would ever go for April in any universe,” said Reddit user CheetahEnergy, implying that Jackson was rich and handsome, and he wouldn’t have gone for a farm girl like April. However, one of the things that make their relationship one of the best on the show is being friends first.

Once Jackson got to know April and be her friend, there was nothing to say he didn’t enjoy her company enough that he fell in love with her. Even though April wasn’t some hotshot doctor with connections and money, she was a hard-working doctor and a good friend.

They Were Better As Friends

Jackson looks over his shoulder at April

“I always really liked them as friends but not as romantic partners. I don’t see any chemistry between them either and it definitely felt forced once they started sleeping together, but they did make good friends before that,” said Reddit user ohmygoyd. And the low number of upvotes shows that this truly is an unpopular opinion.

Even those who hate Japril as a couple admitted that the only thing they had going for them was their chemistry. While they found problems with their communication skills and selfishness, they usually didn’t find the couple lacked chemistry. It was other problems like lack of communication that made them so adverse to the couple.

They Fought All The Time

Jackson and April have an argument

“It felt like Japril were arguing and fighting pretty much all the time,” said Reddit user Benj97s. This was brought up more than once. After their initial friendship and sleeping together during their Boards, they didn’t really seem to ever be happy.

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They fought about everything all the time, neither of them willing to meet the other halfway. April had a problem with Jackson having money, he had a problem with her faith, and all they ever did was fight about it. While there were some scenes where they tried compromising, they often got lost between passionate fights.

They Were Too Different

Jackson April Catherine and Harriet talking in Grey's Anatomy

“I just never understood how two people who view life in completely different ways would end up married,” said Reddit user OTTB21. April was raised on a farm and had to become tough because of her family. She was very centered around her faith and her religious upbringing.

Jackson, on the other hand, came from an extremely powerful and wealthy family but had the misfortune of having a helicopter parent, which also wasn’t ideal. He was raised to throw money at problems and had a lot of privileges that April did not. So they were extremely different, which often seemed the root of their problems.

Their Same Arguments Got Tiring

April Kepner on Grey's Anatomy

“I rooted for them early on but quickly got tired of the same arguments they had over and over again,” said Reddit user Novel-Imagination94. This was especially true during their beginning period, where April kept sleeping with Jackson, and then having a rant about how she broke her promise.

But even after they got committed one to another, which was one of the best parts of Jackson’s arc, all their arguments were usually either about money or faith. It quickly got tiring watching the same scene over and over again. Maybe the fights wouldn’t be as bad, but there were also almost no happy periods between.

They Treated Matthew And Stephanie Horribly

April and Jackson eloping from her wedding on Grey's Anatomy

“How they treated Stephanie and Matthew was next-level shitty. Especially since April pursued Matthew after he gave her an out on the proposal,” said Reddit user cbj950613. They both knew they weren’t over each other when they started their new relationships.

But that wasn’t the worst part – Jackson actually stood up at April’s wedding, in front of his girlfriend, and professed his love for April. And April left Matthew in front of the altar, after he had previously given her an out, and eloped with Jackson, refusing to deal with the consequences of their hurtful actions. Despite fans’ reservations, this was one of April’s best episodes, and fans love to rewatch it.

April Was Right To Put Herself First

April looking at someone in Grey's Anatomy

“I know everyone hated her after because she left Jackson but how was she gonna be there for him and help him grieve if she couldn’t even do it for herself,” said Reddit user Accomplished_Cup900. This of course makes complete sense, it would be hard for April to offer comfort to Jackson when she was so broken.

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However, not many marriages have worked because of one party leaving the other during times of the biggest trauma. She was right to do whatever was right for her, but she shouldn’t have expected Jackson to wait for her and even refused to accept when he drew his own boundaries by asking for a divorce.

They Didn’t Know How To Communicate

April hugging Jackson in Grey's Anatomy

“When they had to ever talk to each other or have conversations, April never heard him out,” said Reddit user andthatsthatbro. On the other hand, it’s also true that Jackson was often obnoxious, and horrible at communicating how he felt or what he needed from her, so they were both to blame.

After getting married they should have intentionally learned to communicate with one another and worked on that, instead of hoping it would work out anyway. Their communication skills only got worse with time, and it was partly the reason for their divorce.

She Treated Jackson Poorly After They Initially Got Together

April and Jackson in formal clothing in Grey's Anatomy

“I absolutely hated her whole I’m not a virgin anymore, and I betrayed God but let me keep having sex with Jackson and then be sad and make him feel bad about it,” said Reddit user flashtvdotcom. One time was a mistake, but after a while, it was just a mistake they kept on making.

She should have stopped making the same mistake or should have changed her attitude towards Jackson, who was caught in the crossfire. However, April was having a crisis of faith and had a lot of conflicting emotions, and most importantly wasn’t doing it on purpose.

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