11 Hollyoaks spoilers for next week


Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Next week on Hollyoaks, Joel is kidnapped as Norma takes drastic action over Warren, while DeMarcus makes a discovery and Imran continues to spark concern.

Here’s a full collection of the biggest 11 moments coming up:

1. Warren is forced to save Norma

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After a shocking betrayal leaves Norma in trouble, it’s up to Warren and Grace to save her.

However, an unexpected twist leaves someone else close to death.

2. DeMarcus makes a discovery

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DeMarcus is determined to find out who the anonymous texter is and teams up with Vicky to find the culprit.

Through a process of elimination, they are able to narrow down to one individual – Mason, who was the only one at the youth club with DeMarcus.

3. Imran sparks further concern

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As Imran’s family fear for his health, Yazz rallies the house to watch his every move.

Prince and Olivia follow him to the pub, but when they capture photographic evidence of Imran eating a burger, Juliet doesn’t seem convinced.

Her suspicions are confirmed when it becomes clear that Imran threw out the burger he supposedly ate yesterday.

Juliet later confronts Imran at the gym and makes him agree to being her food buddy, but things get awkward back at home when Yazz has an insistent approach to his recovery.

4. Cindy gets a new idea

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Cindy is roped into planning Jack a surprise party and agrees to bake a cake – something she has never done before.

Zara joins in and makes cake pops for Jack’s birthday, but Nancy and Brooke suspect she might have put a “special” ingredient when they find a bag of herbs.

Cindy gets a business idea after Jack admits the cake pops she made with Zara’s herbal mix gave him an energy boost, albeit after a terrible stomach ache.

Cindy hopes after adjusting the ingredients she can start selling them, and she wants Zara to be her business partner. But will she accept?

5. Norma kidnaps Joel

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Norma lets Grace in on her plan to get Warren a liver, just not her own. She introduces herself to her estranged grandson Joel, before kidnapping him and tying him to a makeshift hospital bed.

Norma fills Joel in on Warren’s medical state, and when he refuses to offer his liver up, she tells him that they’re going to have to do it the hard way.

Warren later tells Norma that he wants her liver, or they’re done for good.

6. Norma makes a decision

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Norma decides to move in with Warren. Backed into a corner, Warren is forced to agree but is furious when Norma insists on adding a woman’s touch to his bachelor pad.

Warren wants to put his foot down but Grace advises him to suck it up and deal with it.

7. Imran visits a doctor

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After spending the night away from home, Imran returns with an announcement – he’s moving out.

Juliet promises that everyone will get off Imran’s case if he proves them all wrong, so he agrees to see Dr Lewis.

Imran does a good job at convincing the Doctor he’s fine, but when he’s told to get on the scales, he panics.

8. Dave and Honour clash over Mason

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Felix is furious after discovering Mason is the mystery texter and doesn’t want him to be let off that easily. He tells Honour about the messages, much to DeMarcus’s dismay.

Honour tries to get to the bottom of what’s happened, but Dave brushes off Felix’s claims and downplays it.

However, Dave later reassures Honour that he will deal with Mason after they discuss the severity of the messages.

9. Sienna receives a threat from Norma

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Warren updates Sienna on his health in a bid to see his children.

Sienna wants nothing to do with Warren, but a threat from Norma makes her agree to supervised visits.

10. Imran’s struggles continue

imran maalik in hollyoaks

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Misbah meddles in Imran’s life by asking Tony to let him go from The Dog, leaving him unemployed.

At the gym, Imran lets out his anger on a punching bag.

11. DeMarcus confides in Zain

demarcus westwood and zain rizwaan in hollyoaks

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As they reel from the fallout of their discovery, Vicky comforts DeMarcus, which leads to a kiss.

DeMarcus later confides in Zain about having to be the bigger person when everyone keeps testing him.

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