1923 Trailer Reveals Harrison Ford & Helen Mirren’s Yellowstone Prequel


The first 1923 trailer reveals more about Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren’s Yellowstone prequel. The second spinoff created by Taylor Sheridan, following the previously concluded miniseries 1883, will track a different generation of the Dutton family, dealing with the violence and hardships that came with the Western Expansion and Prohibition, among other events of the early 20th century. Set to premiere on Paramount+ December 18, the show will likely capitalize on the current success of Yellowstone, one of the most-watched series on television, as well as the star power of its two leads. In addition to Ford and Mirren, who play Jacob and Cara Dutton respectively, 1923 will feature Sebastian Roché, Darren Mann, James Badge Dale, Marley Shelton, Brian Geraghty, and Timothy Dalton.


Paramount+ has now released the first official 1923 teaser trailer, and fans are getting a closer look at Ford and Mirren’s characters. A series of clips highlight physical attacks and warfare, as well as gun fights and horse riding, with both actors getting in on the action. Over the footage, a voice can also be heard stating that violence has always haunted or been sought out by the family. Check out the 1923 teaser below:

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How Will 1923 Compare To Yellowstone And 1883?

Hellen Mirren brandishing a shotgun in 1923

1923 already looks to contain a darker story than its two predecessors, due to its new change in setting and the trailer’s emphasis on violence. Fans of Sheridan’s neo-Western universe are familiar with Yellowstone‘s present-day exploration of corruption and shifting alliances as they pertain to politics and land ownership. 1883, the first prequel spinoff to be developed, followed a post-Civil War generation of the Dutton family and their journey to Montana. With the real-life events surrounding 1923, including the Great Depression, and the level of bloodshed revealed in the teaser, this new series should present a different tone and a much grimmer representation of the Duttons and their past.

Yellowstone and its spinoffs continue to recruit impressive talent, and the inclusion of Ford and Mirren could lead to 1923 being the most successful installment yet. For audiences who enjoy Yellowstone, it will also be interesting to see the Dutton family’s property amid this bleak era in American history and if the show explores how it became the largest ranch in Montana. The amount of fan loyalty behind Sheridan’s projects cannot be underestimated, and with a season 2 of 1923 already being considered, it is definitely possible to see the prequel continue past the eventual conclusion of Yellowstone.

As anticipation rises leading up to 1923‘s premiere date, this footage is giving fans a lot to look forward to and teasing a highly compelling series of events. Though the specifics of its story still remain under wraps, viewers will likely get a better idea of what lies ahead when the show’s full trailer gets released, and with the level of success generated by 1883, a different depiction of the Duttons’ past should certainly excite fans. Those eager to see Ford and Mirren in their roles and navigate the Yellowstone franchise’s new setting can be sure to tune in to 1923 when it debuts next month.

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