9 Hollyoaks spoilers for next week


Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Next week on Hollyoaks, Eric could be caught out when Maxine launches a risky plan to expose him, while Imran’s story comes to a head and Pearl makes a discovery about DeMarcus.

Here’s a full collection of the nine biggest moments coming up:

1. Maxine launches another risky plan

maxine minniver and eric foster in hollyoaks

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When she doesn’t receive the support from Zoe and Verity, Maxine carries out her plan to catch the spiker alone. She receives surprising results when all evidence points to one person.

Maxine’s progress gets foiled when Eric destroys all CCTV footage of the spiking attempt, but a shocking giveaway leaves his schemes exposed.

2. Imran’s story comes to a head

imran maalik in hollyoaks

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Amid Imran’s clinic admission, Misbah’s relationship with Zain becomes strained when he doesn’t agree with her approaches.

After some touching words from Zain, things take a surprising turn for the family when Imran delivers his verdict.

3. Maxine gets support from Goldie

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Maxine is all smiles as she visits Eric’s trailer with a hidden agenda.

When Verity drags Eric to the gym with them, Maxine struggles to focus with him around, but some wise words from Goldie light a fire under her and she decides to go on anotjer risky mission to gather information.

A social post of Goldie’s self-defence class soon becomes littered with hateful comments, and one username forces Verity to question which side she’s on.

4. Eric makes a worrying discovery

eric foster and maxine minniver in hollyoaks

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There’s a shock in store for Eric as he discovers that his laptop is missing and Verity is roped into helping him look for it.

As she continues to help her brother, Verity begins to have doubts about whether she’s doing the right thing.

5. Charlie makes a decision

charlie dean in hollyoaks

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When Sally declines her request for a raise, Olivia settles on a drastic plan to make room in the school’s budget and recruits Charlie to help her.

Charlie battles with doing the right thing and his need for self-preservation as he sits on Olivia’s request.

Later, Charlie’s decision is revealed, but will there be consequences for him?

6. Pearl makes a discovery about DeMarcus

pearl anderson, zoe anderson, demarcus westwood and felix westwood in hollyoaks

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When Pearl walks in on DeMarcus looking up a certain drug, she’s left less than impressed.

She confides in Walter, who leaves her with surprising news.

7. Beau supports Liberty

liberty savage in hollyoaks

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Things are looking up for Liberty as she gets her Reiki diploma and decides to test out her services.

Later, disheartened Liberty tries to return Beau’s money, but he insists she doesn’t quit at the first hurdle.

Afterwards, Liberty celebrates a new idea with a song to her new friend, while a jealous Damon watches on.

8. Peri fights for Juliet

peri lomax and juliet nightingale in hollyoaks

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Armed with her lucky dress, Peri tries to capture Juliet’s attention.

However, one wrong step could ruin her plan…

9. Nancy gets an unlikely ally

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Determined to prove Olivia’s sinister intentions, Nancy seeks out an unlikely ally to help her.

Nancy is soon butting heads with Darren as he questions whether she’s going about things the right way, but will she listen?

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