90 Day Fiancé: Debbie & Tony Sighting Reveals Relationship Status


Debbie Johnson from 90 Day: The Single Life is scared of Tony’s dark side, but her new photo with him shows that she has decided to be by his side.

A 90 Day Fiancé viewer recently spotted Debbie Johnson and her new partner Tony enjoying their time in British Columbia, Canada. The 70-year-old reality star’s love story with the Canadian man began on 90 Day: The Single Life, where she was looking to find a partner to end her celibacy. After Debbie met Tony, the two instantly connected and started dating each other. The couple even decided to settle in Canada in the latest episode.

A fan recently confirmed that Debbie and Tony’s plan did work, and the two seem to be happy together in Canada. Reddit user The_Chuckness88 shared a picture from November 5, 2022, showing the TLC couple hanging out at a store. The photo showed Tony and Debbie standing between aisles while looking for some items to purchase. While it is unclear what the two were looking for, the Christmas decorations around them suggested they may be preparing to celebrate the holidays together in December.


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90 Day Fiancé Viewers Rooting For Debbie & Tony

Most fans were ecstatic to see the 70-year-old Las Vegas native living her best life in Canada with the man of her dreams. They had nothing but positive things to say about the 90 Day Fiancé couple in the comment section. Redditor tiad123 wrote, “It’s nice to see someone who’s part of 90DF find someone who’s truly within their own zone of age, looks, likes, etc,” adding that the two are a good match. Dramatic_Ad7543 commented, “I’m happy she’s found someone.” WolverineForward1747 said that the two are a nice couple while adding, “I hope Colt doesn’t ruin it for them. Debbie needs to have a companion.”

For many reasons, Debbie has become a fan-favorite star of the latest season of 90 Day: The Single Life. However, the biggest reason has been her backstory, which has made 90 Day Fiancé viewers feel sad for her. In the past, Debbie went through a failed first marriage, dealt with losing her first child, and raised Colt alone after her second husband, Harley Johnson, passed away. This tragic history has made fans feel for Debbie and root for her in her pursuit of happiness. They are excited to see her move to Canada, leaving all the toxicity behind.

Still, some fans don’t want Debbie to move so soon and settle down with the Canadian man. Over the last few weeks, 90 Day Fiancé viewers discovered that Tony had controversial tattoos on his body, which may be a sign of his troublesome past. Besides, fans feel that the Canadian man’s Croatian flag tattoos may hint that he is allegedly racist. But Debbie defended her man from judgments on social media and further highlighted that he isn’t a bad person. Although the Las Vegas resident previously shared that she is scared of her boyfriend’s dark side, 90 Day Fiancé fans think they are now very much in love.

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