90 Day Fiancé: How Debbie Johnson Changed Her Look Over The Years


Debbie Johnson from the 90 Day Fiancé franchise loves experimenting with her appearance. Over the years, she has rocked some stunning hairstyles.

Popular 90 Day Fiancé franchise star Debbie Johnson has completely changed her clothing style and physical appearance in the past few years. The 70-year-old reality star first debuted as a cast member on 90 Day: The Single Life season 2 and shocked fans with her physical transformation. However, the show isn’t the first time viewers have praised Debbie’s look. Previously, the Las Vegas native posted a throwback photo of herself on Instagram, which made fans compare her to Britney Spears.


Debbie, who was spotted in British Columbia, was a single mom for years before she found her new love interest in Canadian native Tony. She spent 13 years caring for her son, Colt Johnson and lost her identity. However, when she decided to join 90 Day: The Single Life, she changed her appearance dramatically. Debbie lost weight and changed her style, radiating a more positive attitude. Lately, Debbie has been glowing on the show, which is the opposite of her bad mother-in-law attitude from earlier seasons.

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Debbie Johnson’s Stylish Look In 1976

Debbie has tried several hairstyles and makeup looks from a very young age. In 2018, she posted a photo from 1976, when she was a lot younger. In the throwback picture, 90DF‘s Debbie wore a red sweater and sported a hairstyle with a side part and wavy curls. 90 Day Fiancé fans adored her look and claimed she was as stunning as she’s now. Once Instagram user wrote, “Foxy looking lady.” Another user commented, “Giving us Gucci vibes.”

Debbie Johnson’s Short Hair In 2019

Debbie shared a beautiful photo of herself from a sports event a few years ago, wearing casual attire. Debbie sported a checked shirt and comfortable pants and had a short ash-grey hairstyle. Debbie had yet to embark on her weight loss journey, so she looks a lot different than she does today. The 90 Day Fiancé franchise star confidently embraced her body, and fans couldn’t help but praise Debbie’s beauty with comments like, “I adore you Debbie,” and “Looking great as always @motherdebbiej.

Debbie Johnson Looks Much Younger After Latest Makeover

90 Day Fiance- Debbie- Face Changed After Weight Loss Makeover

One of Debbie’s most-liked looks is from 2021 when viewers first saw Debbie, who 90DF fans sympathized with, embrace her glamorous side in the promotional picture for 90 Day: The Single Life. In the photo, Debbie had a full face of makeup, a gorgeous red lip color, perfect eyebrows, and more. She sported a medium-length hairstyle, which seemed reminiscent of her style from many years ago. The promo picture showed Debbie’s after her weight-loss progress, making fans proud of how far she has come. The 90 Day Fiancé franchise star is now growing her hair and looks younger than when she first joined the franchise.

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