90 Day Fiancé Stars Who Commented On Chantel And Pedro’s Divorce


In the summer of 2022, Pedro Jimeno and Chantel Everett announced their separation after six years of marriage, with Jimeno filing for divorce. The couple rose to fame on the reality-romance series 90 Day Fiancé before getting their own spinoff series, The Family Chantel.

A core part of Pedro and Chantel’s resonance with viewers is the often-heated relationship between their spouse’s families. While The Family Chantel has not filmed since the divorce announcement, and neither Pedro nor Chantel have directly addressed their divorce, family and friends, as well as some 90 Day Fiancé stars, reacted to the news in the subsequent weeks and months.


Obed Corporan

Chantel and Obed, The Family Chantel

A former The Family Chantel cast member and best friend of Chantel Everett, Obed Corporan is one of the first cast members to make an outright statement about Everett’s divorce from Jimeno. Corporan also befriended Pedro Jimeno after dating a friend of his, and knows both parties well.

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In an exclusive interview with In Touch Weekly, when asked if he was surprised about the divorce news, Corporan responded “to be honest with you, I was not”. Obed then added that he “did feel sad when Chantel told me. But I felt sad for her and the situation she had to deal with”, indicating that he believes Pedro is at fault in the split.

Karen EverettKaren sits on the sofa on The Family Chantel

Karen Everett is known amongst The Family Chantel viewers as the most outspoken, no-filter member of the cast, often creating more drama than it resolves. However, the usually brutally honest Karen hasn’t addressed the divorce news directly, likely at request of daughter Chantel.

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Instead, Karen threw some serious shade at Pedro on Instagram. “THIS IS A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!!!! FELLOW PARENTS! AS LONG AS YOU HAVE BREATH IN YOUR BODIES, DONT EVER ALLOW ANYONE TO MISSTREAT OR RUN ROUGH SHOT OVER YOUR CHILDREN!!!God Bless”, Everett wrote. While Jimeno is not mentioned by name, it is pretty clear who the post is directing.

David Toborowsky

David Toborowsky 90 Day Fiance

David Toborowsky was a co-star of Chantel Everett on 90 Day Fiancé, and it is clear he takes her side in the divorce proceedings. While Toborowsky has not made an appearance on The Family Chantel, he has plenty to say on the unfolding rumors from the series, particularly the rumor that newly single Chantel is dating rap superstar Drake.

On a clip of the spin-off’s latest season, shared on the official 90 Day Fiancé Facebook page, David commented “God’s Plan oh too soon lol”, followed by a laughing emoji, a wink to the Drake song of the same name. He then clarified his joke was about “Drake sliding into Chantel’s DMs” to fans, only adding fuel to the legitimacy of those Drake rumors.

River Everett

Riverknight River Everett from The Family Chantel close up baseball jacket

Chantel’s brother River Everett, like their mother Karen, hasn’t spoken publicly about Chantel’s divorce. However, he has been actively engaging with his sister on social media in a manner that suggests he is one of many rallying around Chantel as she starts her new life.

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In August 2022, Chantel posted a photo of her with her siblings River and Winter, captioned “siblings“, to which River replied “stronger together!”. In just two words, River has indirectly confirmed he, along the rest of his family, are throwing their full weight behind team Chantel.

Laura DelgadoLaura Delgado from The Family Chantel smiling close up

One of many important things to know about Pedro Jimeno’s divorce is the swirling rumor that Jimeno’s split from Chantel Everett resulted from an affair between Pedro and his boss, Laura Delgado. The real estate agents have not directly addressed the speculation of their affair, only giving fans more conviction of its truth.

Online, Laura appears to have shared a selfie of her and Pedro, along with their coworkers. While a selfie with some coworkers can be fairly innocent, many have interpreted the photo’s publication amidst rumors of infidelity to be subtle dig at Chantel while confirming Laura’s alliance with Pedro.

Thomas Everettthomas everett smiling in beige shirt talking to cameras The Family Chantel CROPPED

Thomas Everett is widely considered the most likable of The Family Chantel cast members, being the more restrained when it comes to the frequent fights between the Everett and Jimeno families. Thomas, however, is perhaps the most outspoken critic of Pedro of his family, accusing his former son-in-law of attempting a “marriage scam”.

According to In Touch Weekly, Thomas told Pedro, “You asked me for my daughter’s hand in marriage, I thought it was gonna be for, you know, you were gonna grow old together”, after Chantel had moved out of the couples’ home just prior to Pedro filing for divorce after filming on The Family Chantel wrapped. “After four or five years, you have grown apart. It seems like now, it could be a marriage scam”, he added.

Winter Everett

Winter Everett from The Family Chantel

On the latest season of The Family Chantel, Winter Everett has frequently butted heads with sister Chantel, but the pair seem to have put things behind them following Chantel’s divorce news. In July, shortly after the divorce was announced, Chantel shared a picture on Instagram of her and Winter hugging.

The picture acts as a gesture of solidarity between the two, with Winter supporting her sister after a painful public divorce. What is also notable in the midst of these gestures of support among Chantel’s family and friends is how little support Pedro’s peers have shown to him through this period, only adding to the case that Pedro was the cause of his marriage’s demise.

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