All Grown Up: Should Y&R’s Lily Winters And Daniel Romalotti Reunite?


Lily Winters has been in some pretty awful relationships during her years on The Young and the Restless. Her recent one with Billy Abbott is just waiting for Billy to decide she hasn’t been as supportive as he needs her to be — the same argument he’s used with every other woman he’s dumped.

Young and the Restless Polling

Her marriage to Cane Ashby (Daniel Goddard) fell apart — several times — and who even knows where he is these days. Her teenage fling with Kevin Fisher led to a sexually transmitted disease. And, in between, there was her going on the run with Daniel Romalotti, when he was believed to have killed Cassie Newman. That relationship didn’t end too well, either. But now that he’s headed back to Genoa City, could the pair rekindle….anything?

Time Enough To Last

It depends on how long Daniel is in town, 38% of you hedge. If this is just a Christmas visit, they can hang out, reminisce, and exchange pictures of their kids (Lucy has to be about Charlie and Mattie’s age, right?), but nothing more than that. On the other hand, if he’s home to stay, then, yeah, see what might happen.

End Of The Road For Lily Winters and Daniel

Those two are done, 35% of the audience objects. As in, put a fork in it, done. Not only are they both very different people from who they were as runaway teens, but let’s think about this…Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) is Daniel’s mother. Lily’s current boyfriend, Billy (Jason Thompson), is an ex of Phyllis’s. Can you say: Way too convoluted of a family tree!

Go For It

Only 27% of you are still fans from back in the day — or maybe you got into the story when some episodes from it were rerun during Covid Summer 2020 — but you want to see these kids give it another shot. You were deprived of a Happily Ever After then. Why not demand it now?

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