B&B Recap: Douglas Showed Steffy The Harshest Of Evidence


B&B recap for November 21, 2022, features Douglas Forrester bringing his aunt in on his father’s secret, Ridge Forrester defending his choices, and Dollar Bill Spencer making a play for every woman who came his way.

B&B Recap Highlights

Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) got a huge shock when Douglas (Henry Joseph Samiri) ratted out Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson). Meanwhile, Eric Forrester (John McCook) questioned Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) one more time as Dr. Taylor Hayes (Krista Allen) prepared to be his blushing bride. Over at the Logan house, Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Victor) listened in as Bill (Don Diamont) threw himself first at Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) and then at her little sister. Let’s take a deeper dive into what went on.

Bold and the Beautiful: Several Awful Truths

Steffy helped her mom with the finishing touches to her look before going downstairs to check on the men. She heard Douglas wasn’t feeling great and went right to check on him. She found the sullen little boy looking a whole lot like he had the world on his shoulders.

Steffy pried into what had Douglas so down on this glorious day for their family. Douglas brought up Brooke and said he felt bad for his other grandma. Steffy surmised Brooke said something to him, but Douglas corrected her. It wasn’t Brooke, it was his dad!

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Douglas then explained Thomas had a secret and demanded he keeps it. Steffy gently got Douglas to open up and share. She was devastated to not only hear Douglas’s story but also hear the recordings. Her brother called Child Protective Services on himself!

Downstairs, Ridge was ready to be a husband and thanked Thomas Forrester for standing by his side. It’s nice to be a family again. Thomas was just as thrilled. Eric was not, though, and once he got his son alone they had themselves a little talk. Eric outright asked Ridge if this was the right move. Sure, he loves Taylor, but he loves Brooke too.

Eric asked Ridge if he had any doubts whatsoever. Ridge explained he is happy and his family is happy. This is great, everything is going well, and he can’t wait to have Taylor by his side for the rest of his life. This is good for everyone. Well, at least for his first family.

Thomas went to check up on his mom. She was glowing and very content. Thomas replayed faking the call and hugged his mom. His plan was going off without a hitch…so far.

B&B Recap: I Love You, No I Love YOU

Meanwhile, Dollar Bill was relentless in his pursuit of Brooke. He was determined to prove his love and convince her she was the only woman for him. Yep, even Katie Logan (Heather Tom) didn’t compare. Nope, he was all about Brooke and ready to prove himself. But first, he had to show Brooke she was devoted to the wrong man.

Brooke was not having it, though. She outright told Bill they were never ever ever getting back together. Brooke was – and would always be – in love with the dressmaker. She took some time alone to reminisce about her life with her “destiny.”

No sooner did Brooke retreat upstairs than Katie walked in. She immediately realized why he was there. Oh, yes, Dollar Bill was swooping in to make a play for her sister. Typical. Bill countered that by arguing he was actually there to see Katie. Come back to me, he said. We can fix this!

During all this, Carter was standing outside the door hearing everything. Bill’s flip-flop had him raging. Carter kept silent as he listened in and pondered what to do about the waffling waffler.

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