Chicago Fire fans are terrified another cast member is leaving


Heading into the Chicago Fire fall finale, fans are growing incredibly concerned regarding the fate of one member of 51 — and for good reason.

In the promo for the season 11 fall finale, airing Dec. 7, we see 51 respond to a call involving a victim in need of medical treatment. As we quickly discover, this is no ordinary call though. The victim happens to have a live grenade in their leg, making them a literal ticking time bomb.

According to a member of the SWAT team who responds to the call, they can’t move the victim without fear that it could set off the grenade and need two members of 51 to enter the building to respond to the call. We quickly pan to a shot of Carver and Kidd suiting up in some tactical gear and following the SWAT leader into the building.

Before the trailer fades out, a concerned Severide arrives asking about Stella’s location which is when Mouch points to the building as the music intensifies. The promo seems to be designed to hint that Kidd is about to find herself in serious danger, but just how concerned should fans be?

Should fans be worried about Stella on Chicago Fire?

Although the promo for the fall finale of Chicago Fire hints that Kidd is about to put herself in the line of fire when she makes the decision to join the SWAT leader in responding to the call involving the victim with a grenade stuck in their leg, we wouldn’t be too worried about Kidd.

While the writers have taught us to expect the unexpected, there have been no indications that Miranda Rae Mayo will be leaving the show. Instead, all signs point toward her remaining to be a staple on the series and remaining at the heart of many of the season’s key storylines.

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Given how the promo hypes up the call, we’re actually going to predict that it will occur early in the episode and won’t be connected to the fall finale cliffhanger coming our way. We can also see Stella’s decision to run into the dangerous situation creating some mixed feelings for Severide, which might lead to some fallout before the show signs off the air for the year.

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