Chicago Fire stars pose for Sexiest Man Alive photos


People Magazine recently crowned Chris Evans the Sexiest Man Alive for 2022, and while most people seem to concur with this pick, the cast of Chicago Fire has other ideas. People Magazine took some additional celebrity photos as a result, and the alternates may look familiar…

Fire’s own Taylor Kinney and Joe Minoso were among the TV firefighters that were snapped for this photoshoot, and they provided some insightful, hilarious interview tidbits along the way.

Check out the photos below.

Kinney and Minoso sang the praises of McDonald’s, and latter voiced confusion at how good the former looks for having so many Big Mac’s over the years. He also chided Kinney (lovingly) for getting him hooked on the McDonald’s staple:

“I don’t know how this guy rocks this body for 10 years the way he does and downs as many Big Macs as he does”, the actor noted. “That is a testament! It’s like he’s like a Greek god, it’s insane. Taylor has now gone out of his way to buy me as many Big Macs on my birthday as how old I am. Forty-four Big Macs showed up in my trailer. I don’t know how I’m going to stay sexy if I just keep getting Big Macs from Taylor.”

Despite sharing in Kinney’s Big Mac addiction, Minoso reveals that he enjoys doing Zumba when he’s not on the Chicago Fire set, and that he feels cardio is important when it comes to doing a lot of the stunts that are required on the show.

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Kinney was less forthright about his workout routine, but he has been vocal about the fact that he likes to do most of his own stunts. Chicago Fire’s stunt coordinator Rick Le Fevour has previously stated that he’s “really lucky” to have actors like Kinney, who are committed to doing things as practically and safely as possible.

They may not have gotten the front cover like the former Captain America, but One Chicago fans know that Kinney and Minoso are top of the line when it comes to playing real-life heroes.

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