Chicago PD season 10 episode 7 preview: Into The Deep


After last week’s Atwater focused episode, this week’s Chicago PD will shift the focus back onto Upton as she looks to find a way to bring down Chief O’Neal’s son.

As we saw briefly last week, ever since Upton’s suspsions about Sean O’Neal were raised she’s been quietly working to build a case — knowing her case will be rock solid if she has any hope of bringing down Sean.

Fortunately, it looks like the scales are about tip in Upton’s favor which allows her to finally bring the rest of her team in on her investigation.

Chicago PD Into The Deep promo and synopsis

After working in the shadows to build a case, Upton finally gets some actionable evidence again Sean and brings the rest of the team up to speed. As the begin building the case off the radar thoguh, it quickly becomes clear that bringing Sean down might prove to be more difficult than they had anticipated.

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Wondering just what awaits us this week on Chicago PD? Here’s how NBC describes “Into The Deep” via this week’s official episode synopsis (and be sure to check out the trailer for this week’s episode below!):

“When actionable evidence finally surfaces against Sean O’Neal, Upton and the team work relentlessly to build a case in secret. They discover Sean is more elusive and dangerous than anticipated.”

Chicago PD Into The Deep photos

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