Chicago PD star talks Jesse Lee Soffer’s return to the show


Chicago PD has maintained its footing despite the exit of Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer), and it’s a testament to the strength of the ensemble cast. All of the characters have pulled their weight and led exciting episodes, including Adam Ruzek.

The man who plays Ruzek, Patrick John Flueger, discussed the trickiness of the show’s transition away from Halstead, and he also admitted to being “nervous” about having Soffer return to direct an upcoming episode.

Is Jess Lee Soffer coming back to Chicago PD?

Flueger told NBC that he’s maintained a close friendship with Soffer since he left the show, and that their penchant for laughter may prove to be tricky when Soffer is put in charge.

“When you work this closely and you become that close with somebody after a decade, they know you pretty well”, the actor noted. “So I’m excited for him to direct, but I’m also a little nervous for him to direct. Cause I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to get through things without laughing. Because I’m embarrassed that Jesse can see right through me like I’m a transparent ghost.”

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Levity has been in short supply through PD season 10, which has focused on bleak themes like murder, human trafficking and police cover-ups. Any and all laughter that occurs on the set will likely be cut, however, as Soffer is said to deliver an episode that fits right in with the dark tone established.

“He’s got incredible ideas, he’s able to offer them to actors and to the writers and to camera people in a way that displays diplomacy that I think you have to have when you’re directing TV that maybe you don’t have to have when you’re directing movies”, Flueger added.

We’re thrilled to see what directorial flourishes Soffer brings to his episode, and how Flueger’s character will factor into the larger plot. It’s tough to be without Halstead, but it’s nice to know the man who plays him is still part of the One Chicago family.

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