Cobra Kai Season 5’s Finale Avoided 1 Annoying Trope


The Cobra Kai season 5 finale hinted at repeating an annoying trope regarding Miguel and Sam’s relationship – but fortunately, it avoided such a problem. Although Cobra Kai season 6 is expected to happen, Cobra Kai season 5 played very much like an ending to most of the show’s character arcs. From Terry Silver’s Cobra Kai expansion plan that began during The Karate Kid Part III to the dozens of rivalries between the young characters, Cobra Kai season 5 wrapped up several storylines in what was Cobra Kai’s most ambitious season yet. Still, the Cobra Kai season 5 finale suggested that it would restart an old character drama.


At the end of Cobra Kai season 5, episode 9, Sam saw Miguel with another girl at a party and instantly walked away. The couple had broken up at the beginning of the season, yet Sam was now seemly ready to rebuild their relationship, only to instead find out that Miguel had already moved on. The problem, however, is that a lack of communication and series of misunderstandings between Miguel and Sam had already been used by Cobra Kai to create drama several times, making repeating this common romantic trope dull. For example, in Cobra Kai season 5, Miguel jumped to conclusions after seeing Sam and Robby having dinner with the LaRusso family. Fortunately, the Cobra Kai season 5 ending quickly resolved its potential conflict.

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Miguel & Sam’s Season Finale Misunderstanding Only Lasted 1 Episode

Miguel and Sam in Cobra Kai season 5

Confirming the “soap opera tone” described by Ralph Macchio during a conversation with Screen Rant, Cobra Kai made a big deal of the moment Sam sees Miguel with another girl, and it seemed like that cliffhanger would lead to another long conflict between Miguel and Sam. However, after the fight at the Cobra Kai dojo, Miguel and Sam did what Cobra Kai characters rarely do – they sorted out their problems with a truthful conversation. There wasn’t any silent conflict, nor the beginning of a new love triangle. Instead, Sam and Miguel made their feeling clear to each other and seemly restarted their relationship, thus avoiding a repetitive storyline in Cobra Kai season 6.

Why Cobra Kai Ending Its Relationship Dramas & Love Triangles Is A Good Thing

Cobra Kai Robby

Not only did Cobra Kai season 5 end all rivalries, but it also ended all relationship dramas and love triangles that had so far defined the show. Whereas in season 1 Miguel would complain about Sam having a family dinner with Robby at the table, in season 5 Miguel was not even bothered about Hawk making jokes about Robby and Sam being back together. Most of the Cobra Kai characters had emotional growth, and it seems like now everyone is happy with their relationships. A lot of Cobra Kai’s repetitive conflicts have centered on Miguel, Sam, Robby, and Tory, which is why ending all Cobra Kai love triangles was the right decision.

Being a “karate soap opera” is part of Cobra Kai’s charm. Still, misunderstandings and lack of communication between the main characters can only generate so much drama before it becomes tiresome. After seasons of rivalries and arguments, Cobra Kai season 5 needed to move from its usual conflicts to set up more interesting future seasons. It remains to be seen how Cobra Kai season 6 will play out now that most characters seem to be at the best moment of their lives.

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