Cobra Kai Shows Who Tory’s New Sensei Should Be


Cobra Kai season 5 paid off an old fan theory regarding Tory, and it proved that the best new sensei for the now-former Cobra Kai student is neither Daniel nor Johnny. After being a Cobra Kai student for three seasons, Tory has finally left the dojo while also completing a redemption arc. Terry Silver’s ruthless manipulation led Tory to realize that the Cobra Kai dojo did not have all the answers she was looking for in life, which sets up Tory to find a new sensei in Cobra Kai season 6.


By the end of Cobra Kai season 5, most of Cobra Kai’s main characters have joined the still-unnamed dojo created by Daniel and Johnny. However, the best sensei for Tory in Cobra Kai season 6 would be Chozen, who is also currently part of “Miyagi-Do-Fang-Karate”. Before Cobra Kai season 5, many had theorized that Chozen would become Tory’s sensei. There was an obvious parallel between Chozen and Tory, both of which were villains but never beyond redemption – and Cobra Kai season 5 proved that those two characters do have a lot in common. Chozen’s main lesson to Sam in season 5 was about knowing what you are fighting for, which is something Tory’s story asks for now that she has exited Cobra Kai.

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Cobra Kai Season 5 Already Hinted At Chozen Training Tory

At the beginning of Cobra Kai season 5, when Chozen is infiltrating Terry Silver’s Cobra Kai dojo as one of the Valley’s best sensei, the former Karate Kid 2 villain had a brief yet meaningful moment with Tory. Chozen, who may not have been briefed exactly about all of Silver’s students and their history with Daniel LaRusso’s family, noticed right away that there was something different about Tory’s karate style. Chozen could see the anger and even the sadness behind Tory’s punches, and he was able to help Tory better redirect than anger in just a few minutes. Tory is already one of Cobra Kai’s best fighters, yet her brief moment with Chozen proved that, with the right guidance, she could become even stronger.

Why Chozen Would Be Better For Tory Than Johnny Or Daniel

Tory has already trained under Johnny Lawrence in Cobra Kai season 2, and while Johnny’s Eagle-Fang teachings are different from what he initially taught in the Cobra Kai dojo, striking first and having the best offense are things Tory already knows. Johnny Lawrence as a sensei gives a good example of why the idea of striking first should not be applied to everything, but still, there is not much else he can teach Tory in terms of karate. Daniel LaRusso’s ultimate defense could be a good addition to Tory’s fighting style, but Daniel’s karate philosophy just doesn’t match Tory as a character. Chozen, on other hand, can teach Tory Miyagi-Do’s unique defense while improving her already superb offense.

Now that Tory has told Sam the truth about the All Valley and is no longer part of Cobra Kai, it’s difficult to say what will Tory fight for in Cobra Kai season 6. Tory herself might not have that answer, which is why Chozen would be the best possible sensei for her. Chozen has already helped Sam find her true path, which led to LaRusso’s win in the Sekai Taikai’s qualifiers, and he can now do the same thing for Tory. That said, Chozen now works alongside Daniel and Johnny, meaning that Torry will likely end up learning something from all three sensei.

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