Cobra Kai’s Hawk Actor Reveals His Favorite Marvel Superhero


Jacob Bertrand, who portrays Hawk on Cobra Kai, reveals his favorite Marvel superhero in a new video with co-star Xolo Maridueña.

Cobra Kai‘s Jacob Bertrand reveals his favorite superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As the character of Eli “Hawk” Moskowitz in the hit Netflix series, Bertrand has become something of a scene-stealer and an important part of the Karate Kid continuation. Having his own arc from antagonist to hero, with Hawk moving to the dark side before joining the protagonists, the actor has already experienced a bit of what it’s like to take part in a superhero saga.


Bertrand has even already joined the DC franchise, albeit in a perhaps unexpected role. He voices one of the lead characters in Batwheels, an animated series that imagines the Batmobile (Bertrand) as the insecure leader of the Batwheel group. Along with Robin’s car and Batgirl’s motorcycle, the group fights crime in Gotham City. Still, like a lot of young performers, Bertrand has been mentioned as a candidate to properly join the MCU and DC Universe, and now, the star himself is sharing his favorite character for the former.

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Taking the BFF test with Cobra Kai and Batwheels castmate Xolo Maridueña for BuzzFeed Celeb, Bertrand and Maridueña were asked about their favorite superheroes or villains. When it came to the former, the upcoming Blue Beetle star quickly guessed the Hawk actor’s favorite Marvel superhero to be that of Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight, to which Bertrand confirmed to be the case. Check out the humorous exchange below:

Maridueña: Your favorite superhero is Moon Knight.

Bertrand: I do like Moon Knight a lot.

Maridueña: Jacob really likes Moon Knight.

Who Could Jacob Bertrand Play In The MCU?

Since his breakout role as Hawk in Cobra Kai, Bertrand has been fancast in a number of roles for the MCU. Some of the characters included are that of the X-Men character Pyro, considering his standoffish personality, while also being suggested as a good candidate to play Harry Osborn, who has yet to make an appearance in Tom Holland’s Spider-Man movies. More recently, he’s been mentioned as a good choice to play the adult version of Wiccan or Speed following the characters’ MCU introductions in WandaVision. For the moment, the actor is linked up with Cobra Kai, which is waiting for a season 6 renewal, but with him having already lent his talent to a DC property, it will be interesting to see if he can do the same for Marvel.

More than simply fitting a character, though that is sometimes the case, these fancasts are an expression of appreciation for an actor. Being hired for a role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe or the DCU, which has dominated Hollywood, helps to open up avenues for a performer as, in addition to the obvious financial benefit, being an MCU alum can help to bring attention to the actor’s other projects and raise their profile. Bertrand has clearly endeared himself to viewers with his work as Hawk in Cobra Kai, leaving fans excited for the next step in his career, be it with him sharing the screen with Moon Knight, or in another major universe.

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