Cody Rhodes Opens Up About “Fn’ Awful” Physical Therapy From Torn Pec


Cody Rhodes tore his pectoral muscle while training for his match against Seth Rollins at WWE Hell In A Cell. He weighs in on how his rehab has been.

When Cody Rhodes wrestled Seth Rollins at Hell In A Cell on June 5, WWE fans knew it would be a while before they saw him in action again. Before the match, Rhodes revealed that he’d hurt himself while training, tearing his pectoral muscle. Rhodes worked through the gnarly injury at the premium live event in one of the gutsiest performances in recent memory. However, the high from that night is long gone for The American Nightmare, as he recently revealed that the personal therapy he’s endured to return to action has been hellish.


Via his @CodyRhodes handle, he Tweeted the following message on November 1. “‘How’s pt going?’ It’s fn’ awful. Everyday we dig into the muscle, then I scream, half the time I spot a tear flowing. It’s a near impossible task getting a bodypart that had been shredded to 100%…or Hell even 90%. But on the worst of days I have the best reason to not tap out.” The post includes several photos and a video of Cody Rhodes’ daughter, who was born in June of 2021.

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Cody Rhodes’ Post Highlights How Tough His WWE Return Will Be

Prior to his injury, Cody Rhodes seemed to be on a freight train headed straight for the top of the card in WWE. His rivalry with Seth Rollins, which began at WrestleMania 38, was one of the highlights of the early part of 2022. The torn pectoral muscle halted all that momentum, forcing The Visionary into a lengthy (but intense) feud with Matt Riddle while Rhodes worked on rebuilding his arm. When, exactly, Cody will be able to return to WWE is still unknown.

He’s joked about how his doctors won’t tell him how far along he is because they worry he’ll rush to get back in the ring. Last month it was reported that the 37-year-old son of Dusty Rhodes was a bit ahead of schedule, but the timetable for recovery is typically around six months. Elias and Triple H are two examples of performers who were able to wrestle after five months, while John Cena miraculously recovered in four. A timeline like that would mean that Cody Rhodes could be ready to work again by December or January, but that still needs to be confirmed. The Royal Rumble has been circled in fans’ minds as the perfect return target, with the show taking place on January 29. It’s worth noting, however, that WWE initially reported that Rhodes would need nine months to recover, which would make a return at the Royal Rumble impossible.

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