Coronation Street details Stu and Eliza outcome in murder plot aftermath


Coronation Street spoilers follow.

It’s all change for Stu and Yasmeen in Coronation Street as they open up their home for Eliza to move in, but Stu is concerned over whether their living arrangements will work out.

Stu is aware that his granddaughter Eliza needs her own bedroom if she’s to move in with them, but they are limited for space.

Worried, Stu suggests that maybe he should move out of the Nazir household to find a place of his own, and some vandalism only pushes him further toward thinking that would be the best decision for everyone.

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Yasmeen has other ideas, however, and she tells him how much she cares about him before suggesting that they make the leap to sharing a bedroom which will solve the space dilemma that they currently have.

Before they can make any firm decision though, they have to have a visit from the social worker so Eliza staying with them permanently can be approved.

Happily, the visit goes perfectly, and they are officially given the greenlight to let Eliza become the latest resident of the cobbles.

While it is good news, Stu remains on edge and when Eliza starts talking about her mother, he suggests that they could head to the prison to visit her together.

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Even though he is doing all the right things, Yasmeen senses that Stu could do with some reassurance, so she makes a point of letting him know that he is doing a brilliant job with Eliza so far.

The visit to her mother at the prison goes well, but Eliza is feeling a little down in the dumps when they get home – and Stu never likes being back there given his history.

But Stu is there for her, and Yasmeen once again tells him how well he is doing, while adding that Eliza is lucky to have a grandfather that cares about her so much.

Will this new dynamic in the Nazir household work out for the better?

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