Coronation Street sees Sam come face-to-face with killer Harvey


Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Tonight’s episode of Coronation Street (November 23) saw Sam Blakeman finally come face-to-face with killer Harvey Gaskell, after secretly contacting him in prison over the past few weeks.

As fans will remember, Sam has been desperate to speak with Harvey in person after he killed his mum Natasha last year. Despite Nick initially refusing to allow the visit to go ahead, he later relented, allowing his son an attempt to get closure.

At the prison, Sam and Nick met with facilitator Karis, who went over the ground rules for the meeting, insisting the focus would be on Sam’s welfare.

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Harvey began the meeting by antagonising Nick. However, Sam remained determined to speak to his mum’s killer, refusing to go home.

“He hasn’t looked at me once, he’s nervous of me… I want to carry on. Please,” Sam pleaded to his dad.

Despite Harvey’s attempts to upset Nick and Sam with his comments, Sam remained defiant and pushed on – asking the killer about his upbringing and relationship with his mother.

Harvey revealed that his mum also died when he was young. However, when Sam pressed him on the topic and what his mum would’ve thought of his life choices, he became increasingly agitated.

“My mum was decent, she wanted the best for us,” he said, before storming out of the meeting and demanding that Sam stop contacting him completely.

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Back at home, Sam reflected on how the meeting went with Hope, saying he wish he’d got more time to talk to him.

Meanwhile in his cell, Harvey was seen reading one of Sam’s questionnaires before looking at a photo of him and his mum as a child.

Clearly rattled by Sam’s visit, he smashed up his cell before collapsing to the floor in tears – is he feeling remorseful about his actions?

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