Corrie airs the conclusion of Bernie Winters’ lookalike storyline


Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Tonight’s (November 16) Coronation Street aired the conclusion to Bernie Winter’s lookalike storyline, as it looked like Fern Lindon was going to get away with stealing thousands of pounds worth of jewellery and framing Bernie for it.

Things started off badly, as Dee-Dee Bailey advised that Bernie’s only chance of avoiding prison was to plead guilty. Howard popped round to wish Bernie luck, when he let slip that it was £70,000 worth of goods stolen.

Gemma wondered how he knew the exact amount, something that only the police and thief would know, and confronted him as he got in his car. During that confrontation, his phone flashed up… with Fern’s name.

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Howard tried to say that they had no evidence to take to the police, so Gemma called up a local hard man she was friends with to intimidate Howard.

But rather than just getting him to admit the truth, Gemma had a plan: she got Howard to call Fern up and tell her he had found a buyer and for her to meet him at a specific place and time.

Fern turned up with the jewels in hand, but was instead confronted by Bernie, Dev, Gemma and the gang, and she was shortly arrested by Craig Tinker.

Shortly after that, Dee-Dee told Bernie that the case had now been adjourned. She thanked her kids for their help, although noting that they did doubt her at first.

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Elsewhere in tonight’s episode, Griff made a hate-filled speech at a community centre environmental meeting, but his factual inaccuracies were picked apart by Roy Cropper.

He was then taken to the station by Craig for questioning over the attack on Daryan Zahawi.

Fuming over everything that’s happened, Griff planned to strike back, getting Max to doctor the footage of the meeting to make himself look better and Roy look like a liar. But has he also got a more violent plan in mind?

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