David Tennant trolls son Ty Tennant over House of the Dragon fame


David Tennant is best known for playing the Tenth Doctor on Doctor Who, a role he will return to soon in a number of specials to air next year. But he’s also the face of a family full of actors. His father-in-law is Peter Davison, a British actor with many screen credits to his name. And David Tennant’s son Ty Tennant recently impressed Game of Thrones fans as a young Aegon Targaryen on House of the Dragon; he played the son of King Viserys Targaryen and Alicent Hightower for two episodes before the show skipped ahead in time and he was replaced by actor Tom Glynn-Carney.

Like his father and grandfather, Ty Tennant is now making the rounds at cons to meet fans and cash in on his newfound notoriety. He appeared a London Comic Con with full Aegon Targaryen hair and got a pretty funny visit from his dad:

So this is David Tennant going to his son’s booth where he’s signing headshots and holding up a sign that reads, “He’s not that special!” Quirky!

David Tennant continues the family tradition of parents trolling children at cons

This is actually part of a Tennant family tradition. At a different con some time ago, Peter Davison stopped by David Tennant’s booth and held up a similar sign over his son-in-law:

Meanwhile, Davison made sure that everyone knew that David Tennant’s Good Omens costar Michael Sheen was special:

So what we have here is a family tradition where parents troll their children at cons. If Ty Tennant ever has a kid who goes into acting, they know what to expect.

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