DWTS: Shangela Admits She Kept Fried Chicken A Secret From Gleb


Dancing With The Stars contestant Shangela explains why she hid fried chicken under her dress as she danced with partner Gleb for Michael Bublé Night.

Dancing With The Stars contestant and drag queen star Shangela shared that she hid fried chicken under her dress from her dance partner Gleb Savchenko while performing during the most recent episode. Shangela joined Gleb for DWTS season 31, and she has been brightening up the ballroom each week with her lively personality. Shangela decided to take judge Len Goodman’s comment to her from the two-night special about wanting her to have “crispy” legs literally. During Michael Bublé night, the drag queen hid Ziploc bags of fried chicken under her dress while she danced.


After the DWTS performance, Shangela revealed her secret and admitted to Page Six that she did not tell DWTS pro dancer Gleb because “he is laser-focused on me just focusing on the moves and the technique.” She claimed that even though she was focused on those things too, she was also bringing him “a little surprise” while performing because that is what she does. Shangela proceeded to express how her mom was the one who presented the idea to her since they are Texans and Shangela has “chicken close to my heart.”

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Shangela Is Progressing Each Week On DWTS

The chicken might have been Shangela’s good luck charm considering she received a high score of 45 out of 50, not to mention the flood of support that came from DWTS fans after the whole reveal. The duo has been doing better with each week that passes, stirring up a good amount of the DWTS fan base. Plus, Shangela and Gleb are both close to one another and create a nice dynamic in the ballroom. Shangela made sure to express her gratitude for DWTS by claiming that “we are putting in the work,” which is proven in the judges’ scores.

Hopefully, the dance duo continues to progress at the level they are going now because each week it is nice for DWTS fans to watch Shangela grow as a dancer. It is no surprise that she has made DWTS history already, but she continues to amaze those around her along with the fans. Shangela and Gleb still have solid odds of moving on to the finals, especially if they keep up with how much energy they are putting into each performance.

The DWTS contestant’s surprise definitely caught everyone off guard. However, it did add a little spice to DWTS that only the drag queen herself could bring. The moment was hilarious and truly allowed Shangela to share her true personality with the whole world. Knowing how much fun she can put into the judges’ commentaries, as the weeks go on, it will be intriguing to see what other surprises Shangela has planned for Dancing With The Stars.

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