EastEnders airs Kheerat twist following Suki’s arrest


EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders aired a shock twist for Kheerat Panesar during Wednesday’s (November 9) episode following his mum Suki Panesar’s arrest for the murder of Ranveer Gulati.

As fans know, Suki believes she murdered Ranveer after he attempted to rape her, only it was actually Ranveer’s son Ravi who killed him. Ravi did the deed after Suki left the room with the whole thing being recorded, but then convinced her she was the murderer — a plot he cooked up with his mother-in-law Nina.

Ravi admitted that he was in on a plot with Nina, but claimed he was coming clean (or half clean, as he’s still yet to confess to the murder) because he wanted to be a part of the Panesar family after they all recently learned Nish Panesar was his biological dad.

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“I could have let your mum rot and do a runner. But I didn’t. I’m here. Where I belong,” Ravi told Kheerat.

Meanwhile, Nina was desperately looking for the USB drive containing evidence edited to make Suki appear as the murderer. Ravi, Nish and Kheerat then turned up and managed to retrieve the USB from Nina.

Nina put the men firmly in their place though, scathingly telling her now former co-conspirator of Suki: “She’ll still go down for this you know, USB or not. That is unless, of course, you man up and tell them that you killed Ranveer.”

The confession left Nish and Kheerat understandably horrified, though Ravi covered for himself, claiming Nina was just trying to set him up by accusing him of the murder. He then doubled down on the lie as the family returned home.

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“All I’ve ever wanted is to belong to a family and for the first time ever I felt like I did. That’s why I’m here, alright?” Ravi told Kheerat, promising he’d “find a way” to get Suki home but still stopping short of telling the truth.

A solicitor then dropped by and broke the news to the Panesar family that Suki could potentially come home soon after being detained, but revealed that police were looking for evidence on her laptop — which spelt bad news for Ravi.

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A desperate Kheerat then paid a visit to Eve to ask for some legal advice, admitting he’d come up with a plan to free his mum. “She doesn’t deserve this. They’ve got her laptop, that could show her killing him. So I didn’t come here to deliver you a letter, Eve. I came here to ask you a question.”

With Eve convinced Suki was the real killer, Kheerat asked if his mum would “be able to walk away free” if he lied to the police by making a false confession that he was the one that killed Ranveer.

Will Kheerat follow through on his plan?

EastEnders airs on Mondays-Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One. The show also streams on BBC iPlayer.

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