EastEnders’ Jack Branning lashes out at Howie in Amy story


EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders‘ Jack Branning will lash out again next week, after making a devastating discovery about his daughter Amy.

The BBC soap is currently exploring a self-harm story with Amy, who has been struggling with her on-off relationship with Denzel, and the rumours it’s subsequently created with her friends at school.

Upcoming scenes will see Jack arrange a belated birthday dinner for Amy, after she refused to leave her room on the day itself.

jack branning, denise fox, amy mitchell, eastenders


Sam wants to blag an invite – in the hope of building bridges with her son Ricky – but Denise tells her she’s not welcome.

Unfortunately, Amy’s day gets off to a bad start again when she ends up arguing with Nugget, Denzel and Lily about the rumours swirling about her.

Denzel tries to make amends with her, but Amy brushes him off and heads home alone.

amy mitchell, eastenders


Sam later arrives at the Branning house with a dress to give Amy and uses her old set of keys to get inside.

Heading upstairs, Sam walks in on Amy and is shocked by what she sees.

Meanwhile, Jack waits at The Vic – annoyed that Amy is a no-show. He’s relieved when Amy finally turns up with Sam in tow, but his happiness is short-lived.

jack branning, amy mitchell,eastenders


That’s because Sam eventually accosts him in the gents’ toilets and tells Jack what’s going on with Amy.

As they chat, Jack and Sam are horrified to realise that Amy is at the door and has heard everything.

Jack is further upset when Amy tells him to stay out of her life, while Denise begs him to tread more carefully around her.

jack branning, denise fox, amy mitchell, eastenders


Taking another approach, Jack and Denise go to the school to talk to Mrs Larkham about Amy’s problems.

During the meeting, Jack becomes fixated on Denzel and wants to know if Amy’s changed since he arrived; a line of questioning Denise tries to shut down.

Denise later confides in Kim about what’s happening but their conversation is interrupted by Jack angrily confronting Howie.

jack branning, howie danes, mitch baker, eastenders


As Jack demands Denzel stays away from Amy, things get heated. Jack ends up punching Howie in front of a horrified Denise and Kim.

When Denise tries to calm Jack down, he lashes out instead – making it clear that Amy is his daughter, not hers. How will she react to this? And can they find a way to work together to support Amy?

jack branning, howie danes, eastenders


EastEnders airs on Mondays-Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One. The show also streams on BBC iPlayer.

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