EastEnders’ Janine calls off wedding to Mick


EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders‘ Janine Butcher decided to call off her engagement to Mick Carter in tonight’s episode (November 23).

Wednesday’s visit to Walford explored the aftermath of pregnant Janine’s worrying accident, and the news she received about their unborn baby as a result.

Last night’s episode saw the doctors tell Janine and Mick that there could be serious complications from the fall, including a partial placental abruption.

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Mick tried to stay positive for Janine as she recovered back at The Vic tonight, but eventually turned to Kim for help when his own worries began to overwhelm him.

Mick then met with his ex-wife Linda, where he confided in her over his fears that his baby could die.

Linda was a pillar of support to Mick, as she reminded him of his strength, but Janine was left devastated when she spotted the former couple in the Square together.

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When Mick returned to the pub, a fragile Janine confronted him about his whereabouts, stating that she saw him with Linda.

Although Mick tried to justify his actions, Janine wasn’t having any of it – reminding him that Scarlett had been born prematurely, and he could have spoken to her about his anxieties instead.

Mick attempted to reassure Janine that there was nothing going on between him and Linda, but she later came to a difficult decision.

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Acknowledging that he will always choose Linda over her, Janine told a shocked Mick that their wedding was off.

Mick initially accused Janine of trying to blackmail him into cutting ties with Linda for good, but Janine insisted that this was about her own needs and self-respect.

janine butcher, eastenders


A distraught Janine told Mick that while she loved him, their relationship made her feel lonely and that she needed to protect their baby from suffering the same rejection she did as a child.

Mick is still reeling from Janine’s decision in tomorrow night’s episode – but next week’s spoilers indicate that their relationship is back on track by that point.

EastEnders is currently airing on Mondays – Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One and BBC Two. The show also streams on BBC iPlayer, where early release episodes are dropping every day at 6am.

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