EastEnders’ Rose Ayling-Ellis shares why she felt it was the right time to leave soap


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Rose Ayling-Ellis has opened up about her time as Frankie Lewis on EastEnders.

The actress joined the soap in 2020, leaving earlier this year with her character moving to Scotland.

Speaking exclusively to Digital Spy after being named a BAFTA Breakthrough creative of 2022, Rose discussed whether she felt she had been able to cover everything she wanted to in her time on the show.

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“I loved the storyline that they did with the sexual harassment, but in two years, she did so much already and I can save my acting for other roles. I don’t have to give it all to Frankie,” she said.

She added why she felt it was the right time to leave, saying: “I love EastEnders and it gave me so much opportunity, the opportunity to go on Strictly, and so much knowledge.

“I know how to work with the camera, and work with different directors because we had a different one every four weeks.

“But I feel like I want to, because it’s so fast, I want to do a project that’s slowed down a bit. Actually know from the beginning, when it ends.”

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The Strictly Come Dancing winner also spoke about how excited she was to be named a BAFTA Breakthrough creative, a talent initiative that provides support in their professional development, including coaching, mentoring and networking opportunities with key industry figures.

“It’s such a great opportunity to get more opportunities,” she said.

“Being in acting is really, really hard and when you’re deaf or have a disability on top, it’s even harder.

“You have to really grab the moment to find the opportunity to create more opportunities because the industry isn’t doing it, so you feel responsible that you have to create something for the industry.

“The industry could do a bit more for disabled actors. We are starting to see more, which is good, but I feel like we don’t want to see a disabled story, I just want to see that being part of a character.”

EastEnders airs on Mondays – Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

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