Emmerdale teases Al and Chas’s affair being exposed


Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale has teased Al and Chas’s affair being exposed.

While Al is now dead and buried, the secrets behind his last few months alive continue to haunt the village as Chas desperately tries to conceal that they were having an affair.

Kerry hadn’t really suspected Al was being unfaithful until Thursday’s (November 17) double bil. when daughter Chloe found some damning evidence.

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Chloe’s discovery came about as she teamed up with Victoria to look into a loan Al had taken out with business partner Belle Dingle. Belle explained that the money was placed in Al’s personal account, then an estate agent revealed he’d bought a house behind Kerry’s back

The trio later managed to get Al’s attache case open, where they found several receipts for the Yellow Albatross Hotel.

“This is going to absolutely destroy Kerry,” Chloe realised. “I can’t tell her, we’re going to have to burn all this stuff.”

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Victoria helped Chloe to see that she needed to be honest with Kerry since there were so many secrets still out there about what Al did with the money and who he’d been seeing.

Kerry initially scoffed at the idea Al was cheating on her, but eventually came around when Chloe showed her the hotel receipts and explained Al had secretly bought a house.

“The estate agent said Al bought the house because Al said the garden was perfect for his partner’s kid,” Chloe explained.

Kerry questioned whether her whole life with Al was just a lie, as she realised: “He was so sly, covering his tracks. Why? Why did he cheat on us?

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“I knew what his track record was but I thought I was different. I thought I’d changed him.”

She then put together Al’s plan: “He bought that house so he could leave me and be with her.”

The situation got even worse when Kerry explained to Chloe that she’d taken the loan out for Al in her name. Chloe tried to support Kerry as she wondered how she’d ever be able to put her life back together.

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