Emmerdale’s Chas hears Chloe’s new Al affair theory


Emmerdale spoilers follow from Wednesday night’s episode (November 23).

Emmerdale has revealed Chloe Harris’ second suspect as she continues to play detective over Al Chapman’s affair.

Chloe recently realised that Al was cheating on her mum Kerry Wyatt before he died. The heartbreaking discovery led to Kerry leaving the village, so Chloe is determined to take action by figuring out who the other woman was.

In Wednesday’s visit to the village, Chloe was forced to abandon her initial theory when Priya Kotecha proved her innocence.

After Chloe’s wild accusations earlier in the week, Priya fought back by cross-checking Al’s incriminating bank statements with her own movements in the weeks leading up to his death.

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These clearly showed that Priya couldn’t have been secretly meeting up with Al. However, Priya agreed that Al’s bank statements did seemingly point to an affair with someone.

As Chloe remained frustrated over the mystery, she started to realise that the affair could have led to Al’s fatal shooting. She gave herself a hard time for not spotting the possible connection sooner.

Chloe soon arrived at The Woolpack and demanded a quiet chat with Chas Dingle in the back room of the pub. Chas feared the worst, believing that Chloe knew the truth.

While this had been teased as a possible moment of reckoning for Chas, the pub landlady quickly realised that Chloe was still on the wrong track.

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Chloe declared that Moira Dingle must have been Al’s other woman, leading to Al and Cain’s recent gun showdown.

Chloe speculated: “She knew the whole time. That’s why she was acting all clueless about why Cain did it – it was all fake.

“I mean, she already had an affair with Nate, he told me that. And I’m not being funny, but if she can sleep with the farmhand under her husband’s nose, she can definitely go there with Al.

“Al bought the house for her. They were going to take Isaac away from his dad, they had it all planned.”

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Fearing the consequences of Chloe stirring things up with her latest wrong theory, Chas urged her to drop it.

Chas said: “You can’t share this with anyone. It happened. Al’s dead and Kerry’s done the right thing and made up her mind to move on. She needed to forget and I think you do too, Chloe. Because say it is Moira, what are you hoping to achieve?”

Moira is currently away in Belfast as part of the cover-up over Kyle’s guilt in Al’s death, but could there be trouble between her and Chloe when she eventually returns to the village?

Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV1, and streams on ITVX.

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