Emmerdale’s Chas lashes out at Paddy


Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale has aired disturbing scenes of Chas Dingle lashing out at husband Paddy Kirk.

Much like sister-in-law Moira, Chas has been cracking under the pressure of having to keep brother Cain’s secrets – though her lies have added weight because she’s covering up an affair with Al Chapman.

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Tuesday’s (November 15) episode saw the Dingle family gather to say goodbye to Liv in a private send-off, especially after Chas turned down an invitation to Al’s own funeral from a clueless Kerry.

Later, Chas was overcome with grief when Kerry broke down as she described a miserable funeral with low turnout for her would-be husband. Chas covered her emotions but later broke down at home.

Paddy tried to comfort Chas, telling her she’s “the best person he knows” — but his kind words proved to be cold comfort for his wife.

“No, I’m not,” Chas insisted.

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Paddy pressed on as he assured his wife that she’s “kind and warm and lovely”, but she couldn’t take it anymore as she lashed out.

“Stop it,” Chas demanded. “You don’t know, just stop it!”

Chas then forcefully shoved a stunned Paddy away, as she ordered him to “get out” and leave her while he still could.

“Why would I? I love you, I’d never leave you,” Paddy asked her.

Lydia walked in to ask about Liv’s memorial before the situation could escalate any further, with Chas making an excuse for an exit to sort herself out.

“She’s getting worse,” Paddy confided in Lydia. “I don’t know why.”

Will Chas finally come clean to her husband?

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