Fans’ Least Favorite Love Is Blind Contestants From All Seasons (& Why)


Love Is Blind has featured dozens of contestants who want to find out if love can truly overcome physical barriers, but while some of its stars have gone down as fan favorites, others have continued to be disliked by viewers despite how much time has passed. For the first three seasons of Love Is Blind, which first premiered in 2020, Netflix cast 36 individuals for the social experiment, although most aren’t featured past the initial introduction. With so many people involved yet only a few engagements each season, viewers only truly follow a handful of Love Is Blind contestants.


Although the series isn’t known for its successful track record, two couples got married on Love Is Blind season 3: frontrunners Alexa Alfia and Brennon Lemieux, and Colleen Reed and Matt Bolton. While some Love Is Blind season 3 cast members like Raven Ross were well-received, most contestants were criticized by viewers and alum alike. In a Reddit thread, Love Is Blind fans were asked to name some of their least favorite contestants across all three seasons, and they did not hold back.

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Amber Pike From Love Is Blind Season 1

Amber Pike and Matt Barnett are one of the only Love Is Blind couples still together, but their road to marriage was anything but smooth. While Amber and Barnett shared a connection on Love Is Blind season 1, Barnett was also interested in Jessica Batten. Many viewers thought that Amber intentionally tried to “steal” Barnett from Jessica, and in addition her passive-aggressive threats of violence, Love Is Blind fans remember Amber, who recently celebrated their fourth anniversary, as immature, manipulative, and self-centered. “Amber takes the cake for me. At least the other awful contestants were entertaining to watch,” one person wrote, while another Reddit user commented, “Amber. I am still in awe that she convinced Barnett to give up his house to move into a two-bedroom apartment with a roommate to cover HER student debt.”

Matt Bolton From Love Is Blind Season 3

When Matt and Colleen formed a connection in the Love Is Blind pods, viewers initially sympathized with Matt’s emotional baggage, as his last marriage ended in divorce due to infidelity. As time went on, however, fans of Love Is Blind season 3 quickly saw Matt as a walking red flag. While Colleen was determined to get married, Matt threatened to leave Colleen multiple times and was filmed displaying aggressive behavior that worried viewers. Colleen and Matt are still married after they tied the knot on Love Is Blind season 3, but fans haven’t forgotten how much Matt’s red-hot temper was swept under the rug.

Carlton Morton From Love Is Blind Season 1

Carlton Morton and Diamond Jack had one of the most tumultuous relationships in Love Is Blind history, and Carlton’s emotional outbursts and defensive attitude are still negatively remembered after three seasons. On Love Is Blind season 1, Carlton and Diamond had great chemistry in the pods but quickly fell apart once they met in-person. Carlton waited until their honeymoon to tell Diamond that he was bisexual, and when Diamond attempted to explain that she felt deceived, Carlton exploded in anger. Diamond and Carlton separated then and there and haven’t spoken since the Love Is Blind season 1 reunion. “Oh my word, [Carlton] was a MESS. I sincerely hope he got therapy because even after everything he still acted like a piece of s*** to people. Literally the definition of using your trauma to give yourself a pass on treating others poorly,” one person remembered.

Shake Chatterjee From Love Is Blind Season 2

Shake Chatterjee’s unfiltered opinions and upfront personality quickly solidified him as the villain of Love Is Blind season 2. While Shake and Deepti Vempati appeared to establish a connection on their honeymoon, Shake quickly determined that he did not find Deepti physically attractive. Although he didn’t appear to be intentionally malicious, and Shake pointed out flaws in the Love Is Blind process, Deepti, his co-stars, and viewers at home couldn’t get past Shake’s unnecessary comments and blunt attitude. “Shake was an absolute d*****. He may have been just “playing the whole time” but he did it by being incredibly hurtful to [Deepti],” one user wrote, while another declared, “Anyone who isn’t saying Shake or isn’t including it in your list, you’re simply wrong.”

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Shaina Hurley From Love Is Blind Season 2

Like Shake, Shaina Hurley didn’t impress viewers when she was introduced on Love Is Blind season 2, and her controversial relationships with Kyle Abrams and Shayne Jansen didn’t help her public reputation. Shaina got engaged to Kyle in the Love Is Blind pods despite her clear attraction to Shayne, who got engaged to Natalie Lee. Shaina left Kyle halfway through the social experiment, and after Love Is Blind season 2 wrapped, Natalie accused Shaina and Shayne of inappropriate behavior. “I’m surprised more hate isn’t directed at Shaina. Shayne chose [Natalie] so it’s obvious she only pretended to be interested in Kyle,” one Redditor commented, while several others called her “fake” and “close-minded.”

Zanab Jaffrey From Love Is Blind Season 3

Although viewers originally liked Zanab Jaffrey, she quickly lost her fan favorite status on Love Is Blind season 3 after she left Cole Barnett at the altar. Zanab and Cole’s incompatibility was evident from the start, and many who thought the two shouldn’t get married were irritated with Cole’s immaturity. While Cole wasn’t liked for most of Love Is Blind season 3, Zanab’s left-field accusations towards Cole rubbed viewers the wrong way, especially after Netflix released a deleted scene between Zanab and Cole that painted their relationship in a new light. Since the Love Is Blind season 3 reunion, Zanab hasn’t helped her newfound reputation as she has continued to double-down on her accusations online.

Love Is Blind Hosts Nick & Vanessa Lachey

While they aren’t contestants, Love Is Blind hosts Nick and Vanessa are not only technically cast members, but overwhelmingly disliked. Nick and Vanessa, who also host Netflix’s The Ultimatum, have been criticized by viewers since Love Is Blind season 1 for their overall disinterest in the program. The Love Is Blind hosts rarely appear throughout each season, and when they do, Nick and Vanessa make little effort to get to know the contestants. In addition, viewers and alum like Shake have accused the duo of favoritism and bias. While Nick and Vanessa are expected to return for Love Is Blind season 4, most viewers hope they don’t.

Love Is Blind is available to stream on Netflix.

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