Game Of Thrones: The Starks, Ranked Least To Most Evil


House Stark may not have had a role to play in House of the Dragon except for a cameo and a couple of mentions, but they remain the typical ‘good guy’ house of the Game of Thrones world. This is down to its members and how they are shown in Game of Thrones, with them only really being shown in an evil light on rare occasions.

That is not to say they are not morally complex individuals, though. In fact, while perhaps not Cersei or Joffrey’s levels of evil, some Starks have an edge or a history that makes them eviler than the more innocent family members.


10/10 Rickon Stark

Rickon looking sad in Game of Thrones

Since he is the youngest and the least fleshed out of the Stark clan in Game of Thrones, it is no surprise that Rickon comes across as the least evil of a good bunch. He may not be the most heroic, but he is certainly not evil.

In such a short life, Rickon endured many tragedies, from family deaths to his own. His thoughts and feelings may not have been explored a lot on the show, but there was never any indication he was anything but a sweet, scared young boy who loved his family.

9/10 Jon Snow

Jon Snow holds a letter looking concerned in Game of Thrones season 6

Some have unpopular opinions about Jon Snow, criticizing how black and white of a character he is, always being the hero and the closest thing to a central protagonist that Game of Thrones has. However, that is why so many adore him; he is the most heroic Stark, embodying the indomitable human spirit, and is the furthest thing from evil.

He obviously makes mistakes and does things some would consider bad, such as killing Daenerys; however, he is selfless to his core and always strives to do the honorable thing — the right thing. Whether it be rejecting any claim to the Iron Throne, fighting to protect Westeros from the Night King, or showing compassion to the Wildlings, Jon Snow is almost always the knight in shining armor, the savior, and the one everyone can count on to do the good thing.

8/10 Lyanna Stark

Lyanna Stark and Rhaeger getting married in Game of Thrones

Audiences have never gotten to spend much time with Lyanna Stark, yet her importance as Ned Stark’s sister and Jon Snow’s biological mother cannot be overstated.

Almost like Arya in her riding and fighting, Lyanna was a bit of a wild, free soul who did not think too much about the consequences of some of her actions. Nevertheless, she was never shown or spoken about in a negative light on-screen and does nothing – arguably outside of marrying Rhaegar that could be considered consequential.

7/10 Benjen Stark

Benjen Stark with his changed face in Game of Thrones

First Ranger and generally loyal brother of the Night’s Watch, Benjen is the younger brother of Ned and Lyanna and a bit of an outcast in his family, finding solace at the wall and being another Stark who never showcases an evil side.

Of course, audiences do not spend too much time with Benjen. When they do see him, though, he is a caring uncle to Jon and someone who fights for his brothers. Partly due to a lack of screen time (or just because he is a genuinely good person), Benjen lacks the depth in personality in the show that could lead people even to debate that he is not always virtuous.

6/10 Robb Stark

Robb leaning on the table in Game of Thrones

Perhaps more than any other of the main houses in Game of Thrones, the Starks were punished for their mistakes. Robb is one of the best examples of this, as his putting love in front of duty led to the Red Wedding and one of Game of Thrones‘ greatest episodes.

Just because he made some silly moves during the War of the Five Kings does not mean he is evil. Rather Robb was intensely brave, loyal, and kind, doing everything out of honor and love for his family. He was a young man thrust into being the first King in the North for generations. He did his absolute best and never once did anything overtly cruel or nasty. The lack of evil acts and life-threatening mistakes from other Starks does give Robb more of an ‘evil’ side.

5/10 Ned Stark

Ned Stark just moments from his beheading in Game of Thrones

The honorable fool Ned Stark is arguably the least evil main character in the show by reputation and on paper. In his unwavering need to be honorable, though, he does some questionable things and makes some horrible decisions in Game of Thrones.

His stupid decisions not only get him killed but ruin his family and allow the Lannisters to take even more power in Westeros. On top of all that, he lets Catelyn pretty much abuse and neglect Jon Snow despite knowing he is not his bastard; Ned is more layered and morally complex than people give him credit for, but he is not evil.

4/10 Arya Stark

Arya Stark leaves the Faceless Men in Game of Thrones Season 6

Arya Stark is one of the most consistently badass characters in Game of Thrones and has a serious edge. She may simultaneously be one of the most heroic Starks while also being the one with the most edge.

There is not much evil in Arya, but she definitely has an inner anger and maybe even a little inner evil that allows her to brutally murder people with relative ease and act quite cold and distant even to those she loves most. They all deserved Arya’s vengeance; however, the manner in which she kills Meryn Trant, for example, sticks out as something that may prove her not to be evil but to have more evil in her than other Starks.

3/10 Sansa Stark

Sansa Stark crowned the Queen in the North

What Sansa Stark endures throughout the course of the show’s eight seasons is nothing short of remarkable (if not unnecessary, thanks to changes from the Game of Thrones books). Still, a part of the Queen in the North is a bit more on the ‘bad’ side than most Starks.

Like most of the Starks in Game of Thrones, there is no real evil in Sansa. Nevertheless, her unlikable nature for much of the first season and her relentless cunning and playing the game – brilliantly – in the final seasons show her as having far less of a foolish sense of honor than some Starks and displaying some traits of genuinely evil Thrones characters.

2/10 Catelyn Stark

Lady Catelyn Stark played by Michelle Fairley on Game of Thrones

There are few characters in Game of Thrones who have such endless love for anything as Catelyn Stark did for her children. Unfortunately, it is that which leads to her worst moments.

Catelyn is a great character, but her treatment of Jon, which is both abusive and neglect, is horrible. Not to mention some of the mistakes she makes during the War of the Five Kings, which may have come from a place of love but ended up being detrimental to her and the Stark family.

1/10 Bran Stark

Bran Stark as King in Game of Thrones

Young Bran Stark, who scaled the walls of Winterfell, was not evil. Even the insufferable Bran, who emerges in the show’s final seasons, is not evil; he is merely worse than the rest of the Starks.

That is kind of the point of him being the Three-Eyed Raven; he is nothing, not good, not evil, just the Three-Eyed Raven. In being that, though, Bran withholds information that could have saved lives and treats everyone around him pretty coldly and downright horrible sometimes, like Meera. As far as on-screen House Stark goes, that is about as evil as it gets.

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