General Hospital 11-24-22 Full episode | GH 24th November 2022 | Soap Sopilers


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General Hospital 11-24-22 Full episode

Jason showed up at the hospital and Sonny let him know they had to find Julian. Portia told Sonny how Carly was going to tell Josslyn about Dev. Dante arrived at the hospital carrying Lulu. Portia noticed one of her pupils was blown so she was rushed off. Laura checked on Cameron. He wanted to know about Franco. Liz joined them and wanted Dev’s number. Liz and Laura talked in thw hallway. Laura told her how Dev died. They were about to tell Cameron about Dev when Scotty arrived. He hugged Liz. They went to tell Cameron about Dev. .watch General Hospital 11-24-22 here.

General Hospital 11-24-22 Full episode | GH 24th November 2022

General Hospital 11-24-22,Sam and Dante enjoy their first Thanksgiving as a couple. Curtis opens up to Portia. Brook Lynn spins a new story for Ned. Olivia tracks down Austin. Finn learns surprising news from Chase.

Episodes 11-24-22 and 11-25-22 will not be on TV due to the holiday in the USA (Thanksgiving Day).

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General Hospital 11-24-22

Sonny and Dante went to the chapel. Dante realized he shouldn’t have left his family. He went upstairs and heard Kevin tell Laura about Lulu collapsing. Portia told everyone how Lulu had a brain injury. She said her skull had to be moved from her brain. She said Lulu was in surgery. Nikolas went back to the castle to ask Ava about Julian. He wanted to know if she convinced him to leave Port Charles. Julian hid in the corner.

Kevin called Nikolas to tell him about Lulu. He left the castle. Ava got upset so Julian wanted her to calm down. She lectured him when Jason showed up. Julian hid again. She told him about Lulu and the explosion. Sonny called Jason to let him know that it was a bomb. Jason talked to Ava and she told him that Avery was safe. Jason left so Ava lectured Julian again. She thought she would be an accomplice by keeping him alive. He said he did everything for his son. He blamed Sonny for what happened. She advised him to leave or finish the situation with Sonny. She was willing to help him leave town, but she wouldn’t help him if he stayed there. 

Carly talked to Josslyn and Trina about what happened to Dev. They wanted to go to the hospital. Sonny, Sam, and Jason arrived. They talked about the explosion. Sam wanted to leave town. Jason was sure the explosion was meant for him. Sonny and Carly didn’t think they needed to leave town. They thought it would send a bad message to the person who planted the bomb. 

Laura felt like she should have known something was wrong with Lulu. She and Dante went to the waiting room. Portia told them how Lulu was in a coma. Dante went to her room. He wanted her to come back to him. Lucas told Lulu’s family that a CT Scan could have prevented what happened to her. He said she had severe brain damage. He also said her recovery would take a long time if it happened. 

General Hospital 11-24-22 Full episode | GH 24th November 2022

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