GH Spoilers Speculation: How Rory Will React To Trina Dumping Him


Officer Rory Cabrera may not realize that he’s just a blip on the way to Trina Robinson’s true love, Spencer Cassadine. However, GH spoilers have long made it clear that the man in blue’s days are numbered.

GH Spoilers Speculation

Trina (Tabyana Ali) will get bored sooner or later, get over her fury at Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez), and realize he’s the one she’s wanted all along. How will Rory (Michael Kruse) react to them apples?

General Hospital Class Act

Rory will take it like a gentleman, 58% of his fans agree. He’s been a nice guy from the start, and he’ll stay a nice guy till the end. He’ll likely wish Trina well and tell Spencer that there are o hard feelings. He’ll walk away tall. And we’ll never see him again. Oh, well…

GH Death To Smoochy

And then there are the 29% of you who expect Rory to lose his mind, kidnap Trina, then torture her. Because he’s The Hook. Oh, come on, how can he can he not be The Hook? He arrived in town a little while before the attacks started, and he’s a nice guy cop who’d be last on anybody’s suspect list. Which is why he obviously should be first on anybody’s suspect list.

Not only will Rory being the bad guy absolve Trina of breaking his heart, but it will tie up an unsatisfying mystery with a character whose loss won’t affect the canvas in any way. The way GH ties up all their unsatisfying mysteries.

GH Spoilers: The Real Villain

Of course, 13% of the audience also expects Rory to lose his mind, kidnap Spencer, then torture him. Because he’s The Hook. Oh, come on, how can he can he not be The Hook? The only difference is, in this version, Rory will assume that getting Spencer out of the way means he’ll still have a chance with Trina.

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