Grey’s Anatomy Season 19 Has Created A Major Schmitt Problem


Grey’s Anatomy cut Schmitt’s screentime to make way for the new interns and got rid of his storylines from season 18. Here’s how the show can fix it.

Grey’s Anatomy season 19 has created a problem by neglecting some of its already-established characters like Dr. Levi Schmitt. Grey’s Anatomy has long been an ensemble show, but with the introduction of five new interns as series regulars, the screen time for characters like Schmitt has all but dried up. With Ellen Pompeo set to only appear in eight episodes this season, much of the first six episodes have had a heavy focus on Meredith getting ready to move to Boston. While audiences can’t blame the showrunners for wanting to give Meredith a proper sendoff, working in other character’s storylines would help the rest of the season flow nicely.


Levi Schmitt had some really great storylines in Grey’s Anatomy season 18, but most of them have seemingly disappeared in the new season. Schmitt had a fantastic story arc last season that showed his declining mental state after losing a patient. Levi quit his residency, broke up with Nico Kim, and eventually found his way back to medicine after his mother fell and was seriously injured. It was a beautiful journey, and things looked to be moving in the right direction for him and Nico to get back together. The Grey’s Anatomy season 18 finale featured Bailey saying she’d help Schmitt fight the CDC to allow gay men to donate blood. Yet all of these storylines disappeared with season 19.

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Schmitt’s Grey’s Anatomy Storylines Have Dried Up

Levi Schmitt In Grey's Anatomy

In Grey’s Anatomy season 19, Levi Schmitt hasn’t had many meaningful moments onscreen. His storylines so far have been him hating being in OB and being overwhelmed as the only senior resident. While there were some great scenes between Schmitt and Richard Webber, those are the only meaningful moments with the character so far this season. With Meredith leaving to move to Boston, the new interns, plus marital spats between Maggie and Winston, as well as Grey’s Anatomy‘s Owen and Teddy, there hasn’t been much time for Schmitt. One of the best ways to give Schmitt a good storyline would be to get Taryn Helm back into the residency program so audiences would be able to see more of their playful and sarcastic banter. This would also open the door for Alex Landi’s Dr. Nico Kim to return.

Will Grey’s Anatomy Kill Off Schmitt?

Ben instructs Levi to help in Grey's Anatomy

One of the easier ways for Grey’s Anatomy to fix its Schmitt problem would be to kill off the character. Audiences have seen this done before with the likes of Lexi Grey and Andrew DeLuca. Both of those characters were the last ones standing from their intern classes and died around the time of their senior year of residency. Lexi was killed at the end of Grey’s Anatomy season 8 in a plane crash right before she entered her last year of residency, and Andrew was killed trying to stop a human trafficker during his first year as an attending in season 17. Both deaths were devastating, especially since they were fan-favorite characters killed in gruesome ways. Levi, who is one of the few queer characters currently on Grey’s Anatomy, would also fall into the trope of “killing your gays,” something that the show has been able to avoid for its historically long run, and shouldn’t start now.

Grey’s Anatomy is one of the longest-running television shows and has a history of killing characters off, and it would be a shame to see Dr. Levi Schmitt be the next name on that list. Hopefully, the show can have Levi work with Dr. Bailey in her brand-new reproductive health clinic as well as bring back other Grey’s Anatomy residents like Taryn. Here’s hoping for more screen time and better story arcs for Dr. Levi Schmitt when Grey’s Anatomy returns after the holidays.

Grey’s Anatomy returns February 23 on ABC.

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