Hollyoaks airs shock collapse in Warren death story


Spoilers for Hollyoaks follow.

Hollyoaks aired a shocking twist tonight in Warren Fox’s death storyline as Warren collapsed during “operation save Norma.”

The episode started with Warren (Jamie Lomas) and Grace (Tamara Wall) discussing how best to save Norma after she was kidnapped, but Grace warned Warren was walking into a trap. Warren resents letting outsiders into his family’s problems, and said he should have kept it “all in-house” to begin with. Grace questioned why Warren was trying so hard to save Norma, even though she’s his mother.

“Why do you want to risk your life for someone who has never been there when you’ve needed her?” Grace asked. Warren went to walk away but doubled over in pain.

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“Norma isn’t the one who’s dying, all right? I am,” Warren told a shocked Grace. Later, Grace told Warren that he should start telling his close friends and family so that they have time to “prepare for the worst.”

“The worst isn’t going to happen, is it? Because we’e going to go get my mum and she’s going to be my donor,” Warren told Grace. But Grace clocked that Warren didn’t just want to help Norma for his liver transplant – he is genuinely starting to care for her.

Warren confronted Norma’s associates Les and Godfrey in the crematorium. Les revealed that he’s the one responsible for Norma’s disappearance. He explained that Norma has become sloppy recently and he had always plotted to overthrow Norma, who he said has kept him down.

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Les revealed that Norma was trapped inside a coffin. Norma called for help and Warren tried to release her but Les held up a gun, stopping Warren in his tracks.

Les kept Warren and Grace hostage, but Warren mocked Les and tried to get Godfrey to come back to Norma’s side. The plan worked and Godfrey rebelled against Les, leading to a scuffle between Warren and Les as they wrestled over the gun. Warren won and shot Les.

With Norma freed, she let off Godfrey and banished him. Warren and Grace mocked her for going soft, but Warren told her its okay to care. Norma promised to go through with the liver donation in “good time.”

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With “operation save Norma” a success, things looked to be ending on a happy note. However, Warren started coughing up blood and soon collapsed to the floor, unconscious. Grace and Norma stared on, horrified, and that is where the episode ends.

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