Hollyoaks’ Norma Crow makes big decision in Warren story


Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Hollyoaks‘ Norma has finally made up her mind about donating her liver to her gravely ill son Warren.

Tonight’s (November 15) first-look episode saw Norma make a dramatic decision in a plan to get her son Warren a life saving liver transplant.

Beginning the episode, Norma let Grace in on her sinister plan to get Warren a liver without having to sacrifice her own to save her son’s life.

“What I said was, I’ll get him a liver and I will. Just not mine,” Norma revealed to a horrified Grace.

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Introducing herself to her estranged grandson Joel, super villain Norma kidnapped him and tied him to a makeshift hospital bed where she told him that his Dad only has months to live due to liver damage.

When Joel refused to donate his liver to his evil grandma, Norma said she would take it the hard way, but after Warren woke up in the hospital, Grace warned him of the plan.

Rushing to save his son, Warren told Norma that she has to give him her liver, or they’re over forever.

“I saved your life, and now you are refusing me the one thing that can save mine,” said Warren. “I want part of your liver or we are through.”

After finally agreeing to give up her vital organ, Norma dropped a bombshell on Warren saying she will be moving in with him.

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Elsewhere in tonight’s episode, Juliet confronted Imran after discovering that he threw out the burger he pretended to eat yesterday, and Imran discovered that his family have a secret chat group and are tracking him.

Meanwhile Zara made some suspicious cake pops for Jack’s birthday and was confronted by Nancy and Brooke, and DeMarcus confronted Mason Chen-Williams for harassing him online.

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