Home and Away’s Felicity has wedding doubts after Tane’s proposal


Home and Away spoilers follow for UK viewers.

Tane has decided that Felicity is the person he wants to spend the rest of his life with on Home and Away, but it appears there may be some obstacles to overcome as the wedding preparations get underway.

Determined to give Felicity a proposal to remember, Tane pulls out all the stops to make the moment as romantic and memorable as he possibly can.

He takes her to the lighthouse and arranges for all those closest to them to be there, including the band Lyric who he’s roped in to serenade them as he pops the question (with the exception of Eden who refuses to attend despite Remi’s attempts to change her mind).

tane parata and felicity newman in home and away

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But the proposal doesn’t initially go to plan as Felicity, who has long had an issue when it comes to commitment, makes a quick escape before giving Tane an answer.

However, she does manage to compose herself and returns to say yes, and while Tane is delighted that she’s accepted, it seems that Felicity may not be as committed to the idea as he thinks she is.

As the news of the upcoming nuptials spreads around Summer Bay, things only get worse for Felicity’s doubts when pretty much everyone wants to talk to her about it.

The wedding, the honeymoon, potential future kids, all the big life questions come Felicity’s way, and she finds herself struggling more and more as people continue to quiz her.

tane parata proposes to felicity newman in home and away

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Felicity’s doubts may go unnoticed to most, but Mackenzie doesn’t take long to pick up on it and takes her aside to check that everything is OK.

Mackenzie gives her a hug and allows her to talk through her commitment worries. It looks as though the talk may have helped too when she reminds Felicity of how much she loves Tane – and adds that getting married will do nothing to change that.

But while Felicity agrees to give the idea a chance, will her doubts only get worse the closer it gets to the big wedding?

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