House of the Dragon season 2 will not come out in 2022


The first season of House of the Dragon is in the can! Although there was some uncertainly leading up to the premiere, most doubts were wiped away, as HBO’s Game of Thrones prequel show proved itself not only self-assured and well-made, but a ratings hit. The show was renewed for a second season pretty much immediately after the first season premiered.

Ah, but when will we see that second season? We don’t know exactly when it will premiere, but we know that filming won’t commence until 2023. That rules out any possibility of seeing more dragon-on-dragon violence by the end of 2022.

House of the Dragon is a complex show that requires a lot of preparation, a lot of time on set, and a lot of time in post-production. Given all this, we wouldn’t expect to see the premiere of season 2 anytime before 2024.

House of the Dragon season 2 will probably come out in 2024

In the old days, Game of Thrones would air a new season every year. But that show didn’t have full-sized dragons fighting each other every other episode, at least not until late into its run. House of the Dragon hit the ground running, and has to clear the special effects bar Game of Thrones set during its later seasons. That means long waits between new clutches of episodes.

It’s unfortunate, but it’s the TV world we live in right now. At least there’s plenty to talk about between now and then:

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