How 90 Day Fiancé’s Yara’s Face Changed After Plastic Surgery Makeover


Popular 90 Day Fiancé star Yara Zaya has modified her face with plastic surgery, so she looks very different in “before and after” photos. The glamorous wife of Jovi Dufren gained instant fame upon her debut in 90 Day Fiancé season 8. Yara used her popularity to launch her own fashion and makeup brands, and the items that she offers sell out quickly. The Ukrainian woman’s personality may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but Yara always comes back to TLC. She’s appeared in spin-offs, such as 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? season 7, where she discussed getting breast implants.


There are definitely a lot of 90DF fans who think that Yara doesn’t look anything like she did in her “before” photos. However, so far, she’s only been open about getting a rhinoplasty procedure (i.e. a nose job) and lip fillers. When it comes to fellow 90DF alum Darcey Silva, fans mock the celeb for going under the knife repeatedly, in order to alter her natural beauty. However, when it comes to Yara, people often say that her surgeon is amazing. Fans suspect that Yara got cheek and jaw fillers, Botox, and cosmetic dental work, so she could get the image that she has in 2022. However, there is no proof that she had extensive work done. Yara has expensive tastes, and her glow-up has dramatically changed her hair, face, and wardrobe.

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90 Day Fiancé Star Yara Zaya Shows Nose Job Results

Yara Zaya Plastic Surgery In 90 Day Fiance side by side before and after images

During the 90 Day Fiancé season 8 Tell-All, Yara defended her plastic surgery, frankly stating that she had a nose job because her nose looked like a, “potato.” However, Yara actually revealed her first rhinoplasty results back in 2014, when she was starring in a show called Love Online (via the TET TV channel at YouTube.) Yara was then just 20 years of age, and featured in an episode called “Rafael and Yaroslava,” in which she flew to Barcelona to meet her boyfriend. However, the man rejected Yara, and after she returned home, she decided to get a rhinoplasty. She later showed off a smaller nose with an upturned tip. “But it will be even better, even more beautiful, 90DF cast member Yara confessed, saying that her nose had not fully healed.

90 Day Fiancé Star Yara Admits To Getting Lip Fillers

Yara Zaya Before After Plastic Surgery In 90 Day Fiance

During the 90 Day Fiancé season 8 reunion episode, Yara spoke about getting fillers four years ago. “I don’t see nothing wrong with that. If somebody don’t like something on themselves, change it,” she declared on TV. Yara revealed that she did not like her appearance when she saw herself in the mirror, so she decided to fix the situation. In May 2021, Yara was asked where she got her lips done, but she claimed that she didn’t think they were amazing at all. In fact, Yara had posted a video of herself at a clinic, where she was getting some filler removed, which had migrated to her upper lip. 90 Day Fiancé reality star Yara felt that her upper lip was making her look like a duck.

Why 90 Day Fiancé’s Yara Looks Different In Older Pics

Yaroslava Before After Surgery In 90 Day Fiance

When Yara’s old photos (from when she was just a teenager) surfaced online, fans refused to believe that it was the same person. This led to fans digging up more content about Yara, who used the name Yaroslava back then. Some people found her in an episode of a show called Fashion To The People (via u/auraQ8/Reddit.) In the clip, Yara was 19 years old, and was looking to date rich men and foreigners. While Yara had her signature long blonde hair back then, her face was less defined, perhaps due to her not having gotten her nose job and lip injections yet. Still, 90DF sensation Yara also hadn’t become the fashionista that she is now, and didn’t own a makeup brand either. A decade ago, her hair and makeup may have contributed to making the 90 Day Fiancé diva look so different.

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