Jessie James Decker Reveals If She Would Return To DWTS


Dancing With The Stars season 31 contestant Jessie James Decker had a great time on the show, but she says she would not return for a future season.

Dancing With The Stars contestant and country star Jessie James Decker danced her heart out on season 31, but she admits that she would not compete on the show again. Jessie improved greatly throughout the competition, moving from 5s from the judges to 8s. Her standout moment came when she and her professional dance partner Alan Bersten won the Prom Night Dance Marathon. Jessie and Alan were eliminated on the Oct. 24 episode, which was Michael Bublé Night.


Although Jessie enjoyed her time on DWTS, at the 2022 CMA Awards on Nov. 9, she admitted to E! News she would not return to the show. She said, “I don’t think I would do it again. But I will watch it now all the time!” Jessie shared that her kids, Vivianne, 8, Eric, 7, and Forrest, 4, whom she shares with her husband Eric, are “completely hooked” on DWTS now. However, being on the show “was a one-time thing” for her.

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Jessie James Decker Will Appear On The DWTS Finale

Jessie James Decker Alan Bersten DWTS Prom Night

Although Jessie shared that she would not return to DWTS, she said, “I loved it. It was really hard. We’re still watching every Monday and rooting everyone else on. It was an experience I’ll never forget.” She stated that she believes that she would have missed being on the show if she didn’t make it as long as she did. Jessie admitted, “for me, that was a long experience.” Jessie does not want to compete on DWTS again, but she is looking forward to returning for the finale on Nov. 21. She revealed that she and her family will head for a vacation from there and celebrate Thanksgiving at a hotel, which is something that they have never done before. Jessie admitted, “It’s been a really long year for me. We need some beach time.”

Jessie was a bright light on DWTS. She brought her own unique energy to every dance, and worked hard to master her technique. When she and Alan were crowned Prom Queen and King when they won the Dance Marathon, she received the validation from the judges that, although she struggled at times, she belonged in the competition. Jessie brought star quality to the DWTS ballroom. Some of her and Alan’s best-scoring routines were their jive to “One Way or Another” (31 points), their Viennese waltz to “Breakaway” (32 points), and their salsa to “Come Dance with Me” (32 points plus 9 points from guest judge Michael Bublé).

Jessie might not want to return to DWTS in the future, but she embodied what the show is about: a person without professional dance training blossoming into a dancer. She was inspiring to watch because she showed people how to balance being a mom with being a performer. Jessie did a wonderful job on DWTS, and fans can’t wait to see her dance again on the finale.

Dancing with the Stars streams Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on Disney+.

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