Kathy Hilton Speaks On Paris Hilton and Carter Reum’s ‘Struggle’ to Conceive


Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton and her new husband, Carter Reum, are in a “struggle” to conceive their first baby together, one year after tying the knot. 

Paris Hilton

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Kathy Hilton, gave an update on the newlyweds and their hopeful journey to parenthood on Monday’s episode of E! News.

“They are so happy,” Paris’ mom told the outlet. “They had their one-year anniversary at the carnival and they want to do that annually. They were like two kids, it was really sweet.”

Kathy Hilton

Kathy shared that the couple was anxious to conceive their first child together.

“It breaks my heart because I know she is trying and trying and I always say, ‘Just relax,’” the Bravo star said. “So many people, they struggle and it doesn’t just happen like that.”

Paris Hilton attends Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty Show Vol. 2 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, on Oct. 2, 2020.

The “Simple Life” alum spoke out about becoming a mother prior to walking down the aisle. Paris revealed that she was undergoing IVF in September 2020, during an appearance on the “Ladygang” podcast. She added that she was hoping to conceive twins. 

“First one, we’re planning it already, is going to be a boy and girl twin,” Paris explained at the time. “I have baby London, which is the girl, and I’m trying to figure out a name for the boy.”

She shared about freezing her eggs that same month, on the “This Is Paris” documentary. 

She said—“I just don’t want to miss that opportunity. … I just don’t know when I’m going to have time.”

Paris Hilton

Paris and Reum, who have been together since 2019, got engaged in February 2021. News broke that Reum had fathered a 10-year-old daughter with actress, Laura Bellizzi, shortly after the couple wed.   

Carter supports this child,” Reum’s rep told Page Six, at the time.

“While he does not have a traditional father-daughter relationship with her, he has provided for her since she was born, and will continue to do so,” the spokesperson said. 

Kathy Hilton

Kathy shifted gears to share her one regret from the recently aired RHOBH reunion series. 

“I wish that I was able to tell my whole story,” she admitted. “But there’s eight of us—seven other girls—and you can’t put into an hour show everything. I could have done a reunion that would have been a miniseries.”

Kathy Hilton

Kathy, who was accused of verbally trashing her sister, Kyle Richards, during a cast getaway, confirmed that it was “wonderful” to see her little sis again during BravoCon, last month. 

“I’m always happy to see her,” Kathy said. “She’s my little sister and she looked beautiful and I’m very proud of her.” 

Watch the clip below!

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