Liv Morgan Didn’t Botch Table Spot During 6-Pack Challenge On SmackDown


A tricky table spot involving Liv Morgan caught the attention of WWE fans during SmackDown this past Friday. The botch was, apparently, not her fault.

WWE fans flocked to social media on Friday night during SmackDown to accuse Liv Morgan of botching a tricky table spot. It’s now being reported that the swing and miss wasn’t the 28-year-old’s fault. Instead, there was apparently a lapse in communication during the hectic match, where six women were wrestling for the right to face Ronda Rousey at Survivor Series. Shotzi ended up winning the bout and was subsequently choked out by Shayna Baszler backstage for her troubles. The spot in question came toward the end of the match.


Raquel Rodriguez was setting up Sonya Deville for a powerbomb from the steel steps through the announcer’s table. Morgan attempted to dive from the barricade that separates fans from the ring area all the way to where Rodriquez was. Raquel would have fallen backward through the table, but Liv Morgan didn’t get enough distance on her leap. It very clearly didn’t go according to plan, and Dave Meltzer is reporting that the botch wasn’t on Morgan. “There was a miscommunication, from what I understand,” he said on Wrestling Observer Radio. “It wasn’t supposed to be like that, but it got changed at the last second. I don’t know if everyone knew. Liv dove off the barricade but didn’t get far enough because, originally, it was going to be a different spot. From what I gather, when they were going to the ring, it got changed, and maybe Liv didn’t hear about the change, so that was the result.” (h/t, and thanks to for the transcription)

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Sometimes Spots Go Sideways In WWE, And That’s OK

During her feud with Ronda Rousey, Morgan began to take on a more “extreme” edge. At first, the edge was a way to build her into a legit contender for The Most Dangerous Woman On The Planet. It’s become the core aspect of her on-screen presentation, and she’s been involved in a handful of high-risk spots since Extreme Rules. The reality is that sometimes things get drawn up a certain way and don’t go according to plan. No one on Twitter would be talking about it if Morgan had made the jump and put Rodriquez through the table. Spots like that have lost all meaning over time due to overexposure.

Since she came up short, a particular section of pro wrestling fans wants to pile onto Morgan for the whiff. The insight from Meltzer is important in this instance because it illustrates how frantic these multi-person matches can be for everyone involved. One ref was attempting to convey information to all six women on SmackDown, and, somehow, the word never made it to Liv Morgan that the spot had changed. It was daring to go for the jump anyway, and what’s most important is that no one was injured during the match. Shotzi won the 6-pack challenge and will square off against Ronda Rousey on November 26 at WWE‘s next premium live event, Survivor Series.

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