Love Is Blind’s Amber Pike & Matt Barnett Celebrate 4th Anniversary


Netflix’s Love Is Blind season 1 couple Amber Pike and Matt Barnett recently celebrated four years of marriage with touching tributes on Instagram.

Love Is Blind season 1 stars Amber Pike and Matt Barnett celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary and shared touching tributes commemorating the milestone. Amber and Matt were a part of the popular Netflix series’ inaugural season which aired in February 2020. They got engaged during their time in the pods and ultimately made it to the altar where they were one of two couples to get married during the experiment. The couple has faced obstacles in their relationship, including a love triangle during their time on the show, as well as difficulties post-show, but have managed to overcome them all and remain happily married.


Amber shared a reel on Instagram on Sunday, November 13, which documented the timeline of their relationship and their progress as a married couple over the last four years in honor of their fourth wedding anniversary. The reel began by showing her life as a single woman with several photos of her partying. The video transitioned to Amber and Matt’s engagement and wedding, and finally life as a married couple. Amber captioned the video, “A Life 4 years ago VS life over the past 4 years to now—Just as much fun, but with a constant partner in crime ❤️ People may think getting married the way we did is crazy, but I’ve always trusted my instincts (even the crazy ones) and they haven’t steered me wrong yet and thankfully your crazy instincts work damn near perfectly with mine.”

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Love is Blind’s Amber Pike Says Matt Barnett Is Her Partner in Crime

Love Is Blind's Amber Pike & Matt Barnett

Amber’s reel included several candid clips between her and Matt, photos from vacations, and intimate moments. She concluded her caption with “Happy Anniversary @barnettisblind I wouldn’t trade our crazy life over these last 4 years for anything. 😘🥰❤️” Matt also took to Instagram to post his own anniversary tribute to his wife. Matt posted a photo of him and Amber with big smiles across both their faces. Amber’s head is tilted back, and she has a leg popped. Matt wrote, “4 years of being married to the hottest wife ever! Here’s to at least 80 more anniversaries.”

Amber and Matt’s anniversary dedications come at a great time for the Netflix series as it serves as a reminder that the show’s experiment has been successful in the past. Moreover, Amber and Matt are not the only couple from season one that is still married. Their fellow cast members Lauren Speed Hamilton and Cameron Hamilton also got married during Love Is Blind season 1 and celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary on November 16.

While Love Is Blind season 1 is proving that the couples can make it in the real world and stand the test of time, seasons 2 and 3 have not been as successful. The married couples from season 2 announced their respective divorces after less than two years of marriage. Season 3, which premiered on Netflix on October 19, has featured the most controversial and polarizing cast to date and saw only one couple get married. If the producers hope to cultivate compatible relationships like Amber and Matt’s, they may need to take Love Is Blind back to its basics and focus more on individuals who are ready for marriage and less on inciting drama and drunken fights.

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Sources: Amber Pike/Instagram, Matt Barnett/Instagram


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