Maggie’s Final Scene Teases The Walking Dead’s New Future


Maggie’s final lines in The Walking Dead’s series finale helped setup the upcoming spinoffs featuring Maggie and Negan, Daryl, and Rick and Michonne.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Walking Dead series finale.

There’s still a bright future for The Walking Dead, even after the finale of the main series, as Maggie’s final scene helps to set up the three upcoming spinoffs. The Walking Dead season 11 wrapped up on November 20, 2022, concluding over a decade of adventures in the zombie apocalypse, but with three spinoffs on the way that will continue the stories of several beloved characters, this won’t be the last time viewers get an insight into the end of the world. In fact, the world of The Walking Dead is set to expand further, especially after Maggie’s final lines suggest the survivors might be on a very particular mission.


After The Walking Dead’s explosive finale episode which saw corrupt Governor Pamela Milton taken down and the Commonwealth fall into the right hands, a one-year time jump showed audiences what peace actually looks like in the apocalypse. On a visit to Hilltop, Daryl and Carol are greeted by Maggie, who explains that “there’s a lot out there to find out about,” urging Daryl to leave the communities on some sort of mission. Though she doesn’t explain any further about what she actually means, it’s this interaction that seems to inspire Daryl to head off as a lone biker, and Maggie’s words could also potentially set up the other upcoming spinoffs.

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How Maggie’s Final Scene Sets Up The Walking Dead’s Spinoffs

maggie final scene walking dead finale

The Walking Dead’s survivors have spent so much time focusing on simply surviving, that they haven’t thought about learning more about their situation like other individuals have done such as Dr. Edwin Jenner in The Walking Dead season 1, and the CRM in TWD’s spinoffs, Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead: World Beyond. The fact that the communities are now at peace means that they have time to head out and learn more, better preparing themselves for whatever might come in the future. While Maggie doesn’t go into detail about what she wants to know, there’s a lot that the survivors have been kept in the dark about.

The survivors believe it’s possible that Rick is still out there, so Maggie could have been asking Daryl to head out and look for their lost leader, after all, he does promise Judith that he’ll bring Rick and Michonne home. As well as this, the survivors had only recently come into contact with variant walkers, one which had tracked Aaron’s group earlier, one which had climbed onto the truck, and one which had used a stone to smash through the window of the hospital. Maggie could want to know more about the virus, which could play a huge part in her and Negan’s storyline during The Walking Dead: Dead City.

Why Maggie’s Mission Could Lead To The CRM (& Rick)

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The Walking Dead: World Beyond established the CRM as a massive community, meaning it’s only a matter of time before the main group of survivors come into contact with them. The final scene of The Walking Dead’s series finale suggested that Rick had been with the CRM for some time, meaning if Daryl or Maggie’s missions during their spinoffs lead to Rick, they will certainly also be going toe-to-toe with the CRM. While Daryl’s spinoff will take place in Paris, Maggie and Negan will find themselves in Manhattan, and as it’s known that the CRM have a base in New York State, there’s a possibility for them to cross paths.

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