Robert Patrick Movie & TV Roles: Where You Know The Peacemaker Star


Robert Patrick has received great reviews for his work on TV series Peacemaker, but here’s a guide to the other projects in his long career.

Robert Patrick has received praise for his work on James Gunn’s Peacemaker series, and here’s a guide to his many other movie and TV show credits. Robert Patrick had no connections when he came to work in Hollywood during the ’80s, and he credits b-movie producing legend Roger Corman with kicking off his career. He made his debut in 1986’s Eye Of The Eagle, a low-budget action movie set in Vietnam. Patrick went on to star in a string of Corman productions, including reprising his Eye Of The Eagle role in Behind Enemy Lines. His first major studio movie was a small but memorable role in 1990’s Die Hard 2, which led to his most iconic part.


Billy Idol was once considered for the T-1000 in Terminator 2: Judgment Day, but Robert Patrick nabbed the coveted role. His lean, wiry terminator made for a stark contrast against Arnold Schwarzenegger’s T-800, with Patrick’s menacing look and body language making him an unforgettable villain. He later reprised the role for tongue-in-cheek cameos in movies like Wayne’s World. During the ’90s, Patrick appeared in movies like cult sci-fi drama Fire In The Sky, video game adaptation Double Dragon, action film Hong Kong 97 and had a supporting role in Demi Moore’s Striptease.

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Towards the end of the ’90s, Robert Patrick worked on a string of movies from Robert Rodriguez, including a villain role in The Faculty and STV sequel From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money. After a memorable appearance on The Sopranos, Patrick started looking for more TV work and landed the unenviable job of replacing David Duchovny after Mulder left The X-Files. While viewers were expecting to hate Patrick’s Doggett, he actually did a great job, with the show lasting for two more seasons before ending in 2002. During the 2000s he had assorted roles in other shows and miniseries like Elvis and Lost, in addition to movie roles in Sylvester Stallone’s only horror film D-Tox and playing Johnny Cash’s father Ray in Walk The Line. He would also play the villain opposite future Peacemaker co-star John Cena in 2006 action movie The Marine.

Robert Patrick’s Other Movie & TV Roles

Robert Patrick as Mays in The Walking Dead Season 10

During the mid-2000s, the ever-busy Robert Patrick would appear in an almost endless number of projects. Some notable examples include a four-season run on David Mamet’s The Unit, which is a show he greatly enjoyed, Clint Eastwood’s Flags Of Our Fathers and The Men Who Stare At Goats. In the 2010s, he reunited with Rodriguez for From Dusk Till Dawn’s TV adaptation, played supporting roles in Gangster Squad and The Laundromat and had a major part in Scorpion.

Robert Patrick has been especially busy since 2020, including being praised for a guest role on The Walking Dead as a character called Mays. He has a major role on HBO Max’s Peacemaker as Auggie Smith, the downright despicable father of the titular “hero” played by Cena. As vile as Auggie is, Patrick’s work has received great reviews, with the actor once again reminding audiences how good he can be with the right material.

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